Winter Skin Care: Tips for a Beautiful 2021

Winter Skin Care clinic newmarket

Winter Skin Care: Tips for a Beautiful 2021

Winter brings beautiful scenery, but it comes with cold, dry air that is tough on your skin. We’re offering up some simple solutions to take your skin care to the next level in the winter air.

Hydration for Skin Care

Stying on top of hydration is always a critical skincare tip, especially true in the winter. The crisp air dries out your skin faster, so your regular hydration may not be enough. If your skin gets too dry, wrinkles can occur, and its texture becomes visibly worse. 

A smart hydration routine helps to maintain the elasticity for growing, youthful, and wrinkle-free skin.

The first step is managing your fluids. In addition to drinking enough water, avoid overindulging in dehydrating beverages like coffee and pop. You can also get additional hydration from fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, lettuce, and cucumber all have high water content and incredible nutritional value.

Protecting your lips is especially important. Lip balm not only provides hydration for your lips but also seals in moisture. Outside, there is little to defend exposed lips in the cold winter air, and damage can happen quickly. Keeping your lips looking full and healthy without cracking is one major winter skin tip you shouldn’t forget!

A daily moisturizer is another essential factor for maintaining skin hydration. Applying directly to the surface helps to make sure you’re targeting the areas that need the most help. Multiple applications a day may be necessary. It’s often a good idea to carry some moisturizer with you, especially hand creams, as hands have the most exposures throughout the day.

Suppose you find yourself waking up with dry skin. Consider purchasing a humidifier to run while you sleep, as it can help put moisture back into the air, even in the dry season.


While hydration passively keeps skin healthy, some dry, dead, and flaky skin are all but inevitable. Exfoliation may be one of the most effective ways to remove dry, itchy skin. As the exfoliant removes the outer layer of skin, it allows you to regenerate new, more vibrant skin. 

Manual exfoliation through scrubs and buffer cloths may not be sufficient for winter-damaged skin. Chemical peels offer more substantial results in removing dead skin, exposing new layers, evening skin tone and stimulating collagen production. A chemical peel can even help remove wrinkles and fine lines.


UV protection isn’t just for the summertime. Excellent winter skin starts with year-round sunscreen habits. Preventing sun-damaged skin is just as important in the winter as in the summer. 

UV rays are just as harmful in cold weather as in the summer heat. And there is even an added risk from rays reflecting off of snow and ice, increasing your exposure. Wearing sunscreen isn’t just for sunny days either. Studies show that even on cloudy days, UV remains high and potentially damaging.

Protection from the sun includes wearing protective clothing, such as hats and long sleeves (which are ideal for cold weather already), in addition to sunscreen.

Winter Skin Care Touch Ups

Winter is also a great time to touch up your skin and ensure you feel and look your best in the new year and spring.

Laser Resurfacing

Beautiful skincare results are now made possible with advanced technology. Cosmetic types of lasers, such as fractional lasers and BBL, are among the fastest and most effective ways to enhance skin health, vibrancy, and appearance. 

Skincare lasers are specifically capable of tackling the effects of winter-damaged skin, removing dead layers, exposing healthy ones, promoting healing, reducing acne scars and fixing texture. 

Winter is also the ideal time to take advantage of cosmetic laser therapy. While the sun’s damaging effects are still possible in the wintertime, the sun is still less potent than an intense summer day. Getting laser treatments over the winter means you don’t have to spend recovery avoiding the summer sun!

Dysport and Botox

Facial muscle relaxers are great options any time of the year. But over the winter, our risks for wrinkles and fine lines are at their height. Taking advantage of FDA-approved Dysport and Botox injections keep these signs of age from emerging, so you can keep your holiday cheer all winter long.

CoolSculpting in Newmarket

Fat removal procedures, like CoolSculpting, can be an ideal winter procedure. The treatment has many benefits, such as being a safe and effective method of reducing fat in trouble areas and a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

The only drawback is time. While there is virtually no recovery time (so you can jump right back into your regular life), initial results can take a month or so to show, with full effects taking up to six months. This slow time is because the process encourages your body to remove the dead fat cells naturally. 

By opting for CoolSculpting treatment over the winter, you can be beach body ready for the summer!

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