BBL Forever Young


Broad band light (BBL) is a medical grade photo-rejuvenation treatment that imparts significant colour correction to your skin. With our BBL correct treatment, we specifically target reds (vessels, rosacea) and browns (aging spots, hyper-pigmentation) that leave your skin looking uneven, spotted and weathered.

BBL Forever Young combines the colour correction benefits of BBL correct and adds the age-defying benefits of correcting for skin texture, tone, fine lines and pore size. The BBL Forever Young protocol reverses sun damage and gets your skin cells to behave like young skin cells. It boosts the collagen production of your skin leaving it feeling and looking smoother with less fine lines. This potent treatment essentially can reverse and slow down skin aging. It is a safe and effective treatment for skin of colour.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

When you first get started we recommend one to three sessions per year.  Once you achieve excellent colour and textural improvement, one to two treatments annually will likely be all you need to maintain the age-defying benefits over time.

How Long Will The Results Last?

The results of BBL Forever Young are long-lasting.  This treatment slows and reverses the signs of aging skin by actually changing skin behaviour at a cellular level – skin cells start behaving like young cells with improved collagen production.  Once we get your skin looking its best it will require only 1 to 2 sessions annually to keep your skin healthy and looking beautiful over time.