Aging Hands: Signs & Treatments

how do we protect our hands from aging?

Aging Hands: Signs & Treatments

How can you protect your skin? Hands are often the first area to show signs of aging. Our hands go through a lot throughout the day; they’re almost always in use and frequently exposed to UV rays.

As a result, wrinkles, thinning skin, liver spots, dark spots, sun spots, age spots, and the hands’ discolouration seem almost inevitable as side effects to day to day life. Fortunately, many of these signs are reversible.

Today, we’re sharing the basics of identifying treatment options for the most common signs of aging hands.

 Signs & Symptoms of Aging Hands


As we age, the fat in our hands begins to dissipate, and our skin becomes thinner. This combination of events makes our veins show through the skin. Because of this, aging hands tend to show prominent veins.

There are several options for addressing veiny hands.

Cosmetic laser therapy is a popular approach. Endovenous ablation therapy is one popular laser treatment. It uses radiowaves or amplified light to close targeted veins, reducing their visibility under the skin.

Sclerotherapy uses a similar approach, injecting a solution that closes veins. Vein stripping is another vein-closing technique. However, it requires surgical intervention to tie off or remove veins that supply blood to the prominent vein. All three vein closing techniques work, but cosmetic lasers are the safest and least invasive option.

Topical creams provide an alternative approach. They are slower and less effective but are the easiest and cheapest option. Many creams are available without a prescription. This approach is most useful as a preventative measure but can be worth a try for anyone. 

If topical creams do not provide the results you want, consider cosmetic lasers therapy.

Sunspot Removal, Sun Exposure & Sun Damage

Sunspots are a common type of sun damage on the hands. With the thinner skin of the hands, they are particularly vulnerable to sun damage. Even with consistent sunscreen use and avoiding peak sunlight, there’s a good chance that a lifetime of exposure will result in some damage.

To remove sunspots effectively, look to laser skin rejuvenation options like BroadBand Light therapy (BBL). BBL uses pulsed light therapy to repair and rejuvenate skin. Besides removing sunspots, the cosmetic lasers provide a more even tone and texture while firming the skin. 

As sunspots fade away, the skin also regains a more youthful appearance and tone.

Dermal fillers, like Restylane, can also serve as practical skin rejuvenation tools. A simple injection helps to restore smooth, youthful-looking skin, adding volume to the skin envelope. It adds structural support and contouring.

Finally, there are topical options available. Once again, topical creams and lotions are slower-acting and less effective but are often available over the counter and at low cost.


The first wrinkles usually make their appearance either on the back of your hands or around your eyes. On the hands, they are most visible where the skin is thinner and most common due to sunlight or UV, damaging the collagen in our skin.

The two key objectives for managing wrinkles on the hands are adding volume and increasing collagen production.

Chemical peels and laser rejuvenation are great ways to achieve this. They directly help to repair the damage while stimulating collagen production.

Dry Skin & Patches

Dry skin and patches can form on our hands at any age but are most prevalent as we get older.

 The older we get, the more frequent and persistent the problem becomes. The techniques for combatting this are a mix of preventative and reactive cosmetic methods.

One of the best things you can do, especially as a preventative measure, is to moisturize. Using moisturizing gloves, topicals, and ointments can help. Staying hydrated can also help, as well as minimizing the use of harsh products like hand sanitizers.

UV light therapy is also the right solution for dry skin. Prescription creams can also provide relief.

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