How Visting Plastic Surgery & Skin Clinics Has Changed For Reopening

we welcome you back to plastic surgery skin clinic with some covid precautions

How Visting Plastic Surgery & Skin Clinics Has Changed For Reopening

As of May 26th, the Ontario government has given the okay for plastic surgeons to reopen. This wave has been eagerly awaited by surgeons and their clients alike. 

While it is a relief to finally get the touchups, procedures, and care you need, it’s not quite business as usual just yet. This phase of reopening requires following strict protective measures for personal and public safety. We take a look at what you can expect.

Protective Measures

Plastic surgery clinics and medspas were already well equipped to provide the hygienic conditions and equipment to minimize COVID-19 risks, long before the pandemic hit. Equipped with masks, face shields, and gloves safety and sanitation are always a priority in this environment — even in normal times.

COVID Screenings

The biggest process change for reopening plastic surgery and skin clinics is the addition of COVID screenings. 

This process will help limit the risk of people with symptoms or potential virus exposure coming into the clinics.

Deep Cleanings

As a daily procedure and between patients, skin clinics will be required to do deep cleanings. Although cleaning is already an important aspect of any medical or cosmetic surgery clinic, there will be further measures than in ordinary times.

The deep cleaning won’t directly affect your experience. Indirectly, the extra cleaning time may mean there are fewer appointments available per day.

Personal Protective Equipment

All plastic surgery and skin care clinics are already well-equipped with PPEs and use them routinely. During this reopening, however, there may be some additional requirements for surgeons and clients alike.

Patients may be asked to wear masks or gloves for treatments where they may not normally be a necessity. Plastic surgeons may use additional protective equipment, such as a face shield where a mask would normally be sufficient.

Other Changes

In addition to the protective measures, you may notice some other changes during the next few months.

Fewer Patients in the Clinic

In an effort to comply with social distancing you may notice that clinics have fewer patients in the office at once. If you plan to bring someone along for support, you should talk to the clinic in advance and make sure this is okay. Not everywhere is allowing other people in the room during treatments at this time.

Busier Schedules (Book Fast!)

You aren’t alone, plenty of people have been waiting for cosmetic clinics to reopen. In addition to anxiously awaiting new treatments, those whose fillers or muscle relaxers have faded during quarantine are itching to come in for a top off. Many of them have already completed their virtual consultations to speed up the process.

As a result, availability is booking up fast. Add in the extra cleaning time and shrunken waiting room capacities and there are even fewer appointments available. So if you’re hoping to book a treatment soon, don’t delay your consultation!

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