Here’s a 101 About Micro Laser Peels

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Here’s a 101 About Micro Laser Peels

When it comes to new cosmetic skincare procedures, micro laser peels show rising popularity. 

Not many people are fully aware of what a micro laser peel entails, what they do, or how it differs from procedures such as BBL Peels. This article will serve as a primer, giving you all you need to know about microlaser peels as excellent skin care cosmetic procedures.

So what on earth is a microlaser peel? Glad you asked! At base, the process is pretty simple. A cosmetic clinic will use small lasers to remove the outer layer of your skin: this leaves the skin underneath looking more refreshed and youthful. 

The peel can exact target only the areas of the skin that have some sort of condition or scarring or help remedy potentially cancerous areas of the skin caused by sun damage. 

Also, micro laser peels for acne scars can be safely peeled away – without any contact needed on the skin. 

If you’ve developed acne from all the mask-wearing everyone has been doing lately or are worried about the health of your skin under the summer sun, a micro laser peel can be your ticket to healthier, cleaner-looking skin. 

Micro Laser Peel Side Effects and Aftercare 

Another significant part of the process is that micro laser peel side effects are relatively minor. Generally, micro laser peel side effects are relegated to redness of the skin and peeling for about a week after the treatment. The treated area on many skin types shows speedy healing time. 

Peeling is perfectly normal – when that week is up, you can expect smooth, lustrous, healthy-looking skin. Expect your skin to heal that your return to work will have no one noticing about your lunch break treatment.

Micro laser peel aftercare is pretty simple. Your cosmetic clinic will provide you with post-care topicals to help deal with any swelling and discomfort and help speed the healing process. 

During the micro laser peel aftercare period, it’s best to keep your sun exposure to a minimum or try to ensure you stay out of the sun as much as possible. 

Difference Between BBL and Micro Laser Peel

Micro Laser Peel treatments are often confused with Broadband Light (BBL) treatments. This is understandable. BBL and micro laser peels involve using lasers to combat scarring from conditions such as acne. However, they are both different laser treatments with different desired outcomes.

The difference between BBL and micro laser peel is in their methods. BBL uses a blue light that penetrates the skin to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduces acne-causing oils’ production. Micro laser peels instead remove the outer skin layer to combat various skin conditions. This includes acne and sun damage and smooth skin texture and fine lines.

The above means that micro laser peels are better at dealing with the effects of a wide array of conditions. BBL is more focused on combating the skin conditions that create acne in the first place. 

Are You Looking for a Micro Laser Peel?

If you’ve read this article and immediately wanted to start searching for “a micro laser peel near me,” look no further! Our clinic has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of procedures. If you have questions about Micro Laser Peels or other skin health concerns, please contact us

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