Here’s How Forma Skin Tightening Helps You Look Younger

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Here’s How Forma Skin Tightening Helps You Look Younger

It might be that you’ve heard of Forma skin tightening treatment. Maybe you were looking up what skin treatments do the Kardashians get and stumbled onto the term? 

Forma skin tightening is a process that can help you look younger. But how exactly does that work? Read on to find out! 

What Is Forma Facial Treatment?

A Forma face lift works through volumetric skin heating. The purpose of a Forma facial is to contract the subdermal tissue, causing a reduction in wrinkles. 

How Does it Work?

Forma skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure. The heat of a Forma procedure encourages the production of collagen in the subdermal layers. Since the heating process is volumetric, it allows for the heating to get in under the skin without any needles or any other invasive tools. 

As the subdermal layers cool after the procedure, the skin will have a noticeable “smoothing” effect, reducing fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles and sags. Since these are all effects generally caused by aging, a Forma face lift significantly creates younger-looking skin. 

Forma technology is also precise, targeting only certain areas of the face, as needed. 

Difference between Forma and Fractora 

Very often, people confuse Fractora and Forma facials because they both work under very similar principles. It’s a good idea to distinguish between the two if you’re interested in these kinds of beauty treatments. Both methods are thermal skin treatments, using heat to promote collagen growth and reshape the subdermal layer.

The main difference between the two is the methods by which they include heat. Fractora skin rejuvenation uses lasers and microneedling devices, whereas Forma treatment only uses volumetric heating. 

Fractora is, thus, in a way, the halfway point between surgical treatment and a hands-off treatment like a Forma facial. 

Getting Forma Skin Tightening Treatment 

Despite some referring to Forma as “skin ironing,” it’s an entirely painless procedure akin to getting a hot stone massage!

One of the best parts about a Forma face lift is that there is no downtime – you can get back to your regular life right away. Generally, you will see some redness and swelling after the procedure. However, swelling should quickly fade as the heating wears off and the thermal contraction sets. 

Depending on the results you are looking for, a few regular Forma facial treatment sessions are required.

Laser Skin Resurfacing and Other Lasers for Deep Wrinkles

It’s important to note that if combating wrinkles is your goal, you have options available to you beyond Forma. 

Using lasers for deep wrinkles is an increasingly popular method to help get youthful skin. Laser treatments work by using the laser to remove the topmost layers of skin while heating the lower layers. In many ways, it’s an evolution of the Forma procedures, but with extra skin renewal included. 

By removing the outer layer of skin, this method is most useful for “shallow” wrinkles. If you have deep set wrinkles, you may need a few applications of this treatment. 

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