Fractora vs Forma: What’s the Difference?

Forma or Fractora

Fractora vs Forma: What’s the Difference?

Looking for non-surgical options to help tighten and smooth your skin? These treatments can drastically reduce the signs of ageing. Smoothing out your skin and minimizing the appearance of exterior damage, such as:

  • Scars
  • Cystic acne
  • Discoloured or red patches

Skin resurfacing treatments have always been popular. However, the advent of new technologies like Fractora and Forma devices means these treatments are much less invasive than others. 

Walking in and out of a clinic within an hour with a new and improved look is extremely appealing for our busy lives. These above treatments make it more possible than ever before.  

Difference Between Fractora & Forma

Each of these treatments varies slightly in its approach to skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.

Fractora skin rejuvenation uses a fractionated laser and micro-needling device to resurface the skin. 

This fractionated laser improves the complexion and tightens skin. The thermal skin treatment also heats subdermal tissue, promoting collagen growth for amazing results! 

Because of the micro-needling device with the Fractora treatment, many clinicians think of it as a bridge between skin resurfacing and a surgical procedure.

Forma treatment also involves volumetric skin heating. The heat from a Forma treatment stimulates subdermal tissue, causing it to contract. Contracting the tissue in this way makes your skin look smoother. It can also reduce wrinkles and tighten loose, sagging skin.

Forma laser treatments are safe for all skin types. So you’ll be comfortable throughout your treatment, even if you have sensitive skin.

Typically, you would see some redness and swelling following these procedures. But you should be able to resume normal activities almost immediately. Depending on the results you’re looking for, regular treatments may be necessary.

Best Treatments for Forma

There are many different reasons why people seek out Forma treatments. This can include:

Skin Tightening

The radiofrequency of the Forma laser penetrates deeply into the subdermal tissue. This makes for significant results and a great choice for people who want to see tighter skin. It is also a great choice for diminishing jowls. Or, for those looking to improve the appearance of their neck, as well as their face.

Face Wrinkles

Forma treatments have shown great results on crows feet and smile lines. As well, Forma can be a great option for nasolabial folds, also known in a more endearing term as “laugh lines”

Sun-Damaged Skin

Sun-damaged skin can make you look older than you are. Discolouration from sun-damage is hard to ignore. Forma laser treatments will help reduce redness and discolouration, leaving you with skin that’s tighter and smoother. However, avoiding sun damage and overexposure to UV rays will always be the best tip!

Ageing Skin

It isn’t just the skin on your face that benefits from a Forma thermal skin treatment. Clinicians use the Forma laser on the face, as well as on the neck, upper chest, and sagging skin of the arms.

Best Treatments for Fractora 

If you’re drawn to the Forma treatment, but want to explore another method for skin resurfacing, the Fractora laser may be for you.

Like Forma, it targets deep into tissues to promote collagen production. This helps to tighten and rejuvenate skin. Fractora shows similar benefits for skin tightening and can reduce wrinkles just as well as the Forma treatment. 

However, the Fractora also shows additional benefits for treating spots and discolouration. This is because, in addition to heating the lower layers of skin like the Forma does, the Fractora also uses a micro-needling device to address tone and texture issues. 

This means Fractora treatment can also help with the following:

Scars + Acne Scars

If you continually use makeup to cover up scars on your face, you’ll be relieved to know that Fractora treatments show great results for minimizing the appearance of scarring.

Cystic Acne

Undergoing a Fractora treatment not only helps treat stubborn acne scars, but it can also improve the appearance of cystic acne. 

How? By shrinking oil glands that produce sebum (which can clog up the skin and lead to red, painful cystic acne), Fractora treatment is a great option to treat ongoing cystic acne. 

You’ll likely need between 1-3 Fractora sessions in order to see results.

Skin Discolouration

Fractora treatment provides a great way to target areas that are discoloured, either from sun damage or rosacea. 

This is because the combination of a micro-needling device and fractionated laser can reduce skin irregularities, known to create the appearance of discolouration.

The Best Place for Fractora or Forma Skin Resurfacing

If you’re dealing with skin that’s wrinkled, sagging, or discoloured, one or both of these treatments will make a huge difference. 

To get started, consulting with a trustworthy clinic to get expert advice will be necessary. 

The Plastic Surgery Skin Clinic in Newmarket offers a variety of treatments for skin rejuvenation, including Fractora and Forma. 

Our clinicians are always happy to meet with patients to go over their options in detail. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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