Photodynamic Treatment: Are You a Good Candidate?

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Photodynamic Treatment: Are You a Good Candidate?

We get many questions regarding photodynamic treatment at our clinic.

This isn’t surprising. It is a treatment that can reduce the appearance of aging and reduce the risk of skin cancer. It’s an appealing option for those who want their skin to be both youthful-looking and healthy. 

We’ll explain the basics and what kinds of patients it is an appropriate skin treatment option for those who have only heard about photodynamic treatment.

What is Photodynamic Treatment?

Photodynamic treatment is a skin care therapy that uses two steps. Firstly, Levulan, a photo-sensitive medication, is applied to the skin. Next, we then apply our BroadBand Light therapy to the skin.

The result is a double-action treatment that provides deep cleaning and rejuvenation to the skin. This process can kill off the bacteria that causes acne, as well as pre-cancerous skin cells

Photodynamic treatment will also reduce wrinkles and improve the texture of the skin. 

What Skin Conditions Can Photodynamic Treatment Address?

As you can imagine, Photodynamic Treatment is a potent option that can treat many areas of the skin. If you have certain skin conditions or concerns, you may be a perfect candidate for Photodynamic Treatment. 

These conditions include:

Acne Treatment 

Photodynamic acne treatment is one of the most popular requests for this kind of skin therapy.

Not only can photodynamic treatment deal with acne, but it can also deal with many related conditions, such as rosacea, sebaceous hyperplasia, and enlarged skin pores, as well as improve tone and texture of the skin.

Skin Cancer Treatment

Destroy cancerous skin cells with photodynamic therapy! As mentioned, photodynamic therapy can help destroy pre-cancerous skin cells, preventing them from turning into a more severe condition.

Photodynamic therapy is also excellent in general for repairing skin that has been exposed to too much UV radiation, lessening sun damage, and reducing the risk of skin cancer. 

Treatment for Dangerous Skin Conditions 

Many skin conditions aren’t caused by cancerous skin cells but often can put a person at risk of developing skin cancer, such as actinic keratosis. Photodynamic treatment can help resolve both the unsightly appearance of these conditions and address the health risks they pose. 

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