Are Diet & Exercise for Suckers?

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Are Diet & Exercise for Suckers?

Most of us have been on the journey to weight loss before. We go to the gym diligently, meal plan to make the most of our caloric intake, and complement these strategies with other healthy lifestyle choices. Although this approach is tried and true, it doesn’t always work for everyone. It’s maddening sitting just a few pounds shy of your goal weight. Or feeling vulnerable because of conditions like sagging skin or cellulite.

As we age, we don’t metabolize fat like we used to. Fortunately, there are lots of modern treatments available today that can help remove fat and tighten and rejuvenate the look of skin. These procedures are all non-invasive and can be performed in an outpatient plastic surgery clinic.

If you’re looking to burn fat and tone your body, these treatments can help you get unbelievable results that aren’t accessible through traditional diet and exercise. Let’s explore some of these diet and exercise alternatives and investigate how they can be used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits.  


CoolSculpting is a relatively new treatment that was introduced to Canada in 2010. In the last ten years, it’s exploded in popularity as an alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction. It’s a fantastic option for reducing fat in stubborn areas like love handles, underarms, and even underneath the chin.

CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells, which causes them to break down. These fat cells are expelled from the body through normal elimination methods- a process called cryolipolysis. The treatment and the subsequent elimination process are almost completely painless.

During the CoolSculpting procedure, a technician attaches a unique fat-freezing device to the treatment area. You may feel some mild sensations like pinching, cramping, or tingling, but most people are able to relax and read or watch TV. You should see results within 1-3 months. Depending on the area you want to treat and how much stubborn fat persists there, you may need more than one treatment.


If you’ve been diligent about adopting a healthy lifestyle and go to the gym often, it’s understandable to be frustrated by skin imperfections like cellulite. Although cellulite is extremely common (estimates suggest that between 80-98% of women have it), there are options to treat it if you’d like it removed.

Forma uses a radio-frequency laser to stimulate the new growth of collagen, which helps to tighten and plump skin naturally. It also improves our skin’s elasticity, reducing the appearance of both wrinkles and cellulite. It can be used all over the body and is excellent for removing cellulite in areas like the belly and buttocks.

For the treatment of cellulite, booking several sessions with a week or more in between is recommended. The procedure is typically painless, with little to no downtime afterwards.

Fractora & BBL

Another great way to help tighten skin that’s saggy or slack due to weight loss is through laser treatments like Fractora or BBL (Broad-band laser). Each of these treatments uses an intense laser to rejuvenate the skin, smoothing its texture and pigment to give a more even overall appearance.

The downtime for both of these procedures is minimal. The ideal treatment plan involves several sessions. Done over a period of weeks or months to give skin a chance to rest in between.

Benefits of Combining Beauty Treatments with a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the big misconceptions about beauty treatments like CoolSculpting or Forma is that they’re only for people who don’t want to do the hard work of adopting healthy habits. This could not be more false.

Treatments like the ones we’ve mentioned above work best in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits. They treat issues like stubborn fat and cellulite that simply can’t be solved by making good lifestyle choices. Here are some of the reasons why it’s worth exploring these beauty treatments as you work towards a healthier body through diet and exercise.   

More pronounced results

Troubled by persistent fat deposits on your waist or thighs? Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot you can do about that on your own. Everyone carries fat in different places, and the number of fat cells we have in our bodies is set before we reach adulthood.

This means that no matter how hard you try if you’re predisposed to carry pockets of fat in your thighs or upper arms, they’ll still be there no matter how much time you spend at the gym. By combining a beauty treatment like CoolSculpting or BBL with a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be able to obtain more pronounced results.

Procedures provide motivation

Sometimes dropping the last few pounds can be the most challenging. You’ve already put so much work in, but those stubborn inches on your waist just won’t go away. That’s why many people turn to beauty treatments.

For CoolSculpting, you need to be within 20 pounds of your goal weight to get the best results. You’ll also need to be able to maintain your weight loss after the procedure.

While it is possible to achieve beauty on a budget, the truth is that these procedures can get pricey. There’s no point in investing this money if you’ll just gain the weight back in different places within a few years. Ideally, investing in this procedure will motivate and inspire you to reach for your long-term goals with renewed focus.

Overall health improvements

Going to the gym and undergoing beauty treatments both require you to have an increased awareness of your body. You’ll learn which muscles take longer to recover and how your skin feels as it rejuvenates. As well as how much you can push yourself physically before you need to rest.

Cultivating a more mindful attitude as you go through these physical changes will help improve your health overall. The more you know about your body, the better you’ll be able to take care of it. You’ll learn your fit for a healthy diet, active lifestyle, as well as diet and exercise alternatives like beauty treatments.

A Well-Rounded Approach to Health

Putting time in at the gym or learning how to cook and eat healthier meals is never a waste of time. However, you can get faster and more noticeable results by combining diet and exercise with some of these non-invasive beauty treatments.

At PSSC, we specialize in helping patients with beauty treatments that are just one part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Our doctors can guide you towards the treatment that’s right for you, and give you personalized guidance on how to incorporate your chosen procedure into your long-term health plan. 

Contact us today to book a detailed consultation at our Newmarket skin clinic.

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