Beauty On A Budget: Skincare Treatments That Fit Your Wallet

Budget Beauty Skincare Treatments Newmarket

Beauty On A Budget: Skincare Treatments That Fit Your Wallet

It’s true what they say, “Beauty comes at a price.” But it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Skincare treatments are important at any age. They help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. As wrinkles, crows feet, sagging and age spots appear, it gets harder and harder to keep up. The more skincare treatments you include, the faster the price tag can start to add up.

To help out, we’re taking a look at how you can get beauty on your budget. We look at some core skincare treatments, and the different options to keep your skin looking healthy.


Wrinkles are the international symbol for ageing. As we get older, our lines get bolder. Reducing or removing wrinkles helps keep our skin looking youthful and refreshed.

The Low Budget Solution

For an effective solution, the lowest budget option is using a small dose of a facial muscle relaxer.

A lower volume or unit (or a “microdose”) of Botox or Dysport can be the most effective for use in preventative botox. This approach won’t fully remove wrinkles, but it can have a visible result in diminishing or reducing them.

The Medium Budget solution

If you’ve got a little more budget to spare, it’s worth upgrading to dermal fillers.

Where facial muscle relaxers “freeze” muscles to reduce wrinkles, fillers fill in the wrinkles for smoother-looking skin. The effects are more prominent and can be longer-lasting.

The Ideal Solution

The best option to get rid of visible wrinkles is a combination of treatments: lasers, facial muscle relaxers, and dermal fillers.

It’s all about harmony. The fillers and relaxers fill out and smooth the skin, while laser resurfacing rejuvenates the skin. Then, the laser removes irregular layers of skin and promotes collagen production in the new layer.

As a result, this “laser peel” effect produces a layer of smoother, healthier skin.

Saggy Skin Beauty Treatments Newmarket Ontario

Sagging Skin

Gravity takes its toll on us all. Loose, sagging skin makes it hard to upkeep an age-defying appearance.

Exercise, diet, and hydration are a good start to regaining firmness. But truly effective results require treatment.

The Low Budget Solution

It’s tough to treat sagging skin at a low price point. Most of the truly effective treatments start at over $500.

Still, there are some options available. Topical creams are the lowest cost solution. They won’t reverse sagging, but they can add some firmness.

If the sagging skin is due to a lack of collagen production, micro-needling may be an option to consider. This treatment creates hundreds of minuscule (invisible to the naked eye) punctures in the outer layer.

This causes your body’s healing processes to fire, increasing collagen and elastin production. Essentially, it acts as a low-budget laser alternative.

The Medium Budget Solution

If you’re ready to fork out a little more money, this medium budget treatment can yield much greater results.

For this treatment, we use dermal fillers to add volume and support below the skin. This has a dual effect, reducing sagging and adding definition.

The Ideal Solution

The ideal solution and, in some instances, the only solution, is a facelift.

A facelift is a surgical process that “lifts” your skin, trimming away the excess in order to smooth out wrinkles and sagging.

While it is an elective procedure, it can have the most prominent and longest-lasting effects of the above treatments.


Hyperpigmentation is not always caused by ageing. Age spots and sunspots are effectively the same things, and they are most common in people over 40. Whatever the cause, fixing these irregularly coloured patches means more youthful, healthier-looking skin.

The Low Budget Solution

One of the best ways to start treatment for age spots is BroadBand Light therapy.

Laser treatments aren’t always associated with low-budget, but a big part of the cost is the need for multiple treatments.

A single BBL session, however, is very affordable and can fade spots significantly.

The Medium Budget Solution

This one’s pretty simple to attain. With a little bit of a bigger budget, you can increase the number of BBL treatments.

Our Newmarket BBL clinic can adjust the number of treatments to match your budget and/or how many it takes to fully (and permanently) remove the age spots.

The Ideal Solution

Without questioning budget or finances, our ideal solution is the Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser.

This is a new, powerful laser skin rejuvenating technology. As a hybrid laser, it combines two wavelengths in one treatment. So not only is each treatment more effective, but it also takes fewer treatments to remove hyperpigmentation.

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At Newmarket’s Plastic Surgery Skin Clinic, our team works with you and your budget to determine the ideal solution for your skin.

We are attentive to your concerns, questions and goals, laying out your options and establishing realistic expectations no matter the procedure on your mind.

Our plastic surgeons bring a wealth of experience and specialization to provide you with the best skincare treatments in Newmarket.

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