Undoing Sun Damage with BBL (Broad Band Light) Treatment

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Undoing Sun Damage with BBL (Broad Band Light) Treatment

While summer is fun while it lasts, it can often leave unwanted gifts in the form of sun damage – ranging from discolorations to wrinkles. However, you don’t need to worry about the effects of sun exposure being permanent. With modern cosmetic techniques, you now have the power to fight back against even deep-level sun damage. This blog will explain what causes sun damage, and how a BBL treatment (Broad Band Light)can help reduce the effects. 

Getting Under Your Skin: Dangers of Sun Exposure

Anyone who has ever gotten a sunburn has a pretty good idea of how painful the sun can be if you don’t show it the proper respect. But how exactly can light from the sun cause that kind of pain? 

The sun isn’t actually just giving out just light, but a variety of radiation and energy that provides heat and brightness to the world. About 10% of the energy output of the sun is what is known as “Ultraviolet” or “UV” light. This kind of radiation is able to penetrate the skin and do damage – it can actually damage the DNA in your cells!

The most obvious result of this damage is sunburn and tanning – though UV also has the beneficial effect of helping promote the creation of vitamin D in the body. However, the long-term effects of UV on the body can take a very long time to finally manifest. UV can penetrate far past the outer skin layers and affect your dermis and collagen. It should also be noted that while everyone is vulnerable to damage from UV rays, those with particularly pale skin are at especially high risk. 

Many of the effects of this damage are cosmetic, such as age spots, liver spots, and “spider veins” (caused due to damage to capillaries). However, it can also lead to generally poor skin condition, with skin turning wrinkled, rough, and blotchy. 

In the most serious cases of getting overexposed to UV, conditions such as actinic keratosis can develop. These skin conditions are considered “precancerous” and can be the herald of serious skin cancers down the line if not addressed. 

The best way to deal with this kind of skin damage is to avoid it in the first place or make sure to use preventative care in the non-treated area. If you’re prone to sunburn, make sure to always be ready with the sunscreen, and don’t spend too much time out in the sun while unprotected by some shade or sunscreen. However, if you’ve already started to get sun-damaged skin, you may want to look into cosmetic options – such as BBL Laser treatments to help correct your skin tone and layers of skin. 

How Does BBL Help With Sun Damaged Skin?

BBL Laser treatment is a real case of fighting fire with fire. If UV light can get under the skin to have harmful effects, why not get beneficial effects through the use of light as well? BBL Laser treatment stands for “broad-band light”, which indicates the flexibility of this kind of treatment. At PSSC we offer a wide variety of options based on this technology.

Regular BBL treatment can be used to remove discoloration that is caused by skin damage – this can clear up both “the browns” (sunspots and the like) and “the reds” (such as broken capillaries).

However, BBL laser treatment can do a lot more to help reverse the effects of sun damage than just color correction. PSSC also offers BBL treatments that penetrate deep within the skin, restoring cells to their youthful versions and promoting the generation of collagen. This results in a firmer underlayer to the skin, which can actually reverse the aging process on the skin and reduce the number of wrinkles. (As a bonus, BBL treatment also will kill off the bacteria under the skin that causes blemishes such as acne)/

If you have questions about BBL cost, you should know that PSSC is running promotions on BBL Laser treatments for sun damage this Autumn. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible if you’re interested in booking a BBL treatment! 

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