Summer Ready Decollete

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Summer Ready Decollete

A summer without lockdown beckons. For many of us, this means a chance to break out our cutest dresses and bikinis. However, this opportunity can turn into a worry for many of us who aren’t sure our decollete is up to the task. We believe that you should treat yourself to a decollete makeover this summer, to put your best face and neck forward. With our fractora neck treatment, you won’t have to worry about sun damage or wrinkles at all!

How Fractora Works

So what is Fractora, and how does it work? Fractora is one of many new cosmetic techniques that use heat to target collagen below the skin. Collagen is what gives your skin its firmness and texture. By stimulating collagen with heat, you can smooth out your skin, removing scars and wrinkles, including sagging skin and stretch marks. This helps with overall skin tightening in targeted areas for most skin types.  

This process not only removes wrinkles but also shrinks oil glands, which can make a major dent in acne breakouts. Essentially, instead of just treating acne breakouts, it attacks acne at the source – and helps smooth out any acne scars.  

Fractora is unique in that it uses a combination of pins and radio frequency to project the heat needed under the skin. This makes it much more effective at getting the heat to your collagen layer and is minimally invasive. 

Fractora for Your Decollete

Often, fractora is associated with face treatments – probably because of how many savvy customers are catching on that it’s great for acne treatments. However, fractora treatments exist for all parts of the body – even fractora for the chest, neck and decollete.

Fractora treatments are so great for your decollete area because of the “one-two” punch it provides. Firstly, your chest can get smoothed out and tightened, while your neck area can get a better definition. And, at the same time, it will remove any blemishes or sun damage from previous summers, leaving you looking youthful and ready for the beach.

Getting Fractora in Toronto

If you’re getting Fractora for the neck or chest, you should move soon. It can take a few weeks for the effects to show – but improvements can keep rolling in for months afterward! You should always ask your doctor if Fractora is right for you. Different patients will have different experiences. Fractora is not nearly as invasive as surgery featuring a scalpel but does involve the use of needles (micro pins) that can sometimes irritate

A medical aesthetician will also recommend for you to have a good skincare routine before and after the treatment. This will make the process work much smoother and give you the absolute best results. 
If you’re ready to boost your decollete to the next level with fractora and target a neck treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to take questions and book appointments.

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