Can Yoga Help Reverse Stretch Marks?

Remove Stretch MArks

Can Yoga Help Reverse Stretch Marks?

The skin has a natural elastic quality which prevents us from getting stretch marks in ordinary movement or growth. 

But when overstretched by things like pregnancy or rapid weight gain, we can end up with stretch marks.

These marks are a type of scarring, forming as a result of collagen disruption. They don’t do any harm to your body, but most of us want to get rid of them for aesthetic reasons; especially when our body returns to our version of “normal” after pregnancy or weight loss.

Although there are many effective treatments for stretch marks, we’re always on the lookout for new solutions. With that in mind, we take a look at one of the most recent claims as we investigate, “can yoga help reverse stretch marks?”

The Claim: Yoga Fixes Stretch Marks

Yoga presents a lot of benefits for our mind and body. Yoga can also improve flexibility, cardiovascular health, and increase feelings of energy and vitality. 

But could it be the miracle solution to stretch marks?

The idea behind repairing stretch marks with stretching calls on yoga’s known ability to improve circulation. 

In theory, improved circulation helps to increase cellular regeneration, speeding up the healing process. This is a similar concept to techniques that use heat to stimulate circulation. 

In particular, yogis point to Pranayam yoga for this cause. Pranayama movements are said to have specific benefits for improving skin health and improving the elasticity of the skin. 

However, yoga is less targeted and its effects on blood circulation may be exaggerated to some extent.

The Verdict:

Yoga, despite its other benefits, isn’t a clearcut solution for reversing stretch marks. The added circulation simply isn’t enough to stimulate substantial repair on its own. Even the biggest believers won’t claim quick or immediate results. 

There is a possibility that yoga may help speed up natural recovery, but there’s a lack of evidence to show significant results. 

While yoga’s impact on mental relaxation and health can also be a catalyst for physical well-being, healing skin through improved circulation may not happen with immediate results.

If you’re seeking to remove stretch marks, your best options will still be cosmetic treatments at a MedSpa or skin clinic.

Yoga for Stretch Mark Prevention

That doesn’t mean yoga’s benefits should be ignored.

The best use for yoga with regards to stretch marks is as a preventative measure. One study found that gentle exercise can have a positive benefit in preventing stretch marks. This activity promotes blood flow, stimulating collagen production. 

In fact, the secret might lie in the overall benefits of regular exercise. For example, exercise during pregnancy can help prevent loss of muscle tone and avoid loosening skin during pregnancy. Minimizing these issues can reduce the risk of stretch marks.

Proven Methods For Reversing Stretch Marks

If you want a truly effective way to remove stretch marks, your best bet is to look to modern medicine. 

At our Newmarket Plastic Surgery Skin Clinic, we have two of the most effective solutions available. Both of which are so easy and quick that they can be done over a lunch break.

Fractora for Stretch Marks

Fractora is one of the latest technologies in stretch mark removal. 

This procedure simultaneously rebuilds existing collagen while generating new collagen deep within the skin. This helps to replace stretch marks with layers of new, healthy skin.

Laser Treatments For Stretch Marks

Fractional lasers are one of the most trusted ways to remove stretch marks. 

It allows for precision targeting, while both repairing and resurfacing the skin for quick results. With the dual wavelengths of our Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser, our patients have visible results immediately and often only require one to two sessions.

Stretch Mark Removal Treatments in Newmarket

At PSSC, our team includes experienced plastic surgeons who will consult with you to determine the best treatment for your body and your goals. We take special care to customize each treatment to your specific health, safety, and beauty needs.

Book your stretch mark removal consultation today!

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