The Benefits Of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

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The Benefits Of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio frequency skin tightening or rf skin tightening, sounds like something right out of science fiction. However, such treatments are becoming increasingly popular, as the demand for non-invasive cosmetic surgeries rises. If you’re interested in getting a skin tightening facial, or just want to know what radio-frequency skin tightening is all about, this quick piece will serve as your guide.

What is Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening?

When people think of cosmetic surgery, they often think of injections or incisions. However, new technologies mean that there are even more options for helping you look your best. Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening uses, as the name suggests, radio frequencies to transfer energy as heat below the skin. There is no recovery time but it does need multiple sessions to show results. 

This heat has the effect of stimulating collagen, which is the protein layer that gives structure to your outer skin. By promoting the growth of collagen, you can get a firmer appearance to your skin, reducing the appearance of lines and loose skin.

What About Forma and Fractora?

Anyone who has heard about this treatment to tighten skin has probably also heard about Fractora and Forma treatments as well. Discerning these terms can sometimes be a little tricky. Forma is essentially a specific kind of branded radio-frequency tightening of skin procedure. It uses auto-adjusting electrodes that provide deep thermal stimulation to your collagen. 

Fractora is a radio-frequency skin tightening treatment that uses small pins or needles to better channel the heat deep into the skin. Fractora is not only used for helping skin look younger, but can also help refresh skin damaged by skin conditions like acne. 

Where is the Best Place to Get These Treatments?

Radio-frequency skin tightening treatments can be used anywhere that you want to tighten up the appearance of your skin. The stomach, arms, legs, face and neck are all popular places where wrinkling and sagging skin can benefit from it.

Radio-Frequency skin-tightening facials are one of the most popular applications of this technology. This is especially useful with variations like Fractora, which provide very deep thermal stimulation of collagen, and also help rejuvenate the outer layer of skin. It can help decrease signs of aging. 

No matter where you get these treatments, radio-frequency skin tightening can help you look your best, with tightened and smooth skin. This makes all of these treatment options excellent for the summer season, letting you look your best no matter what you’re wearing to the beach or park. 

Fractora Toronto or Newmarket

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