How Many BBL Treatments Do I Need?

Light can do more for your skin than you may realize

How Many BBL Treatments Do I Need?

Plastic surgery can often be intimidating – not only because of the surgery part but because of the cost. This becomes especially concerning because there may be the need for multiple procedures to be done to get the full desired result.

If cosmetic surgeries worry you for these reasons, then you’re in luck this holiday season! Broadband Light Treatments are an entirely non-surgical way to help reduce skin blemishes. Better yet, until 2022, PPSC is offering a reduced price on packages of BBL treatments. This is a great way to get a BBL treatment cost reduction. This means that there’s never been a better time to learn what BBL Treatment can do for you!

What is BBL Treatment?

Broadband Light (BBL) Treatment is a cosmetic procedure classified as “photorejuvenation”. In layman’s terms, this means that it involves the use of light to help target specific areas of the skin for color correction and skin rejuvenation. This means that it’s a great treatment to deal with aging spots, freckles, broken capillaries, and even Rosacea.

We also offer a BBL Treatment variant, BBL Forever Clear, that focuses on a deeper application of light to target the bacteria that causes acne. This procedure won’t just remove discoloration, but prevent it from returning in the form of acne in the future.

The BBL Forever Young Treatment, on the other hand, focuses on reversing sun damage and other signs of aging, to create a more youthful overall appearance. This process encourages the growth of new and fresh cells, helping create a rejuvenated appearance.

Are There Side Effects?

As mentioned earlier, BBL is a purely non-surgical option. This means that you can get right back to your daily life nearly immediately after the process is completed. There might be some redness and mild discomfort immediately after the procedure is finished. Avoiding direct sunlight (easier in the fall and winter months) and taking some mild pain relievers will handle all of the discomforts easily.

Any issues with BBL can be avoided by making sure that you avoid too much sun exposure or tanning in the weeks before getting treatment. You should also inform your cosmetic expert if you have any skin sensitivities, or are taking any medicine for skin conditions.

So How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Since BBL is so easy to do, with minimal downtime, it is a procedure that can be easiest repeated. This is good since it can take a few sessions of BBL to really get the best results. You should start to see some clearing up and rejuvenation of your skin after just one treatment. After a month has passed, you should be good for another treatment, to build on the improvements made in the previous treatment.

Three to four treatments are enough for most people to fully realize their desired results with BBL treatments, eliminating all significant discoloration and giving their skin a beautiful youthful shine. It isn’t uncommon after this for people to then get “touch up” BBLs every year or so, letting them keep their skin looking it’s most youthful.

Take Advantage of the BBL Special

Until Jan 1 2022, PSSC is doing a special on BBL treatments, letting you bundle 4 bookings for a reduced price. Altogether, this will represent savings of over $1500! If you’re interested in getting the most out of BBL treatment sessions, then this is a deal that you can’t afford to miss. If you’d like to book an appointment, make sure to contact us right away to set up a consultation.

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