The Truth About Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

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The Truth About Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

When it comes to cosmetic options, many people might first think of the facelift, the rhinoplasty, the tummy-tuck. There’s an expectation that the words “cosmetic” and “surgery” always belong together. And since the thought of “cosmetic surgery” involves expensiveness, recovery time and discomfort, many people are apprehensive about even visiting a plastic surgery clinic. 

However, there are plenty of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Toronto, for those who know what they’re looking for. We’ll outline some of the most popular examples, to demonstrate that renewed confidence doesn’t require going under the knife.

Non-surgical vs. non-invasive

Before we start laying out some non-surgical cosmetic procedures, it’s important to understand the difference between non-surgical and non-invasive treatments. hat counts as surgery (or not) might depend on who you ask. A surgical cosmetic option, generally, is one in which you are sedated in some way, and the surgeon makes incisions to get below your skin. Examples of this would be facelifts, implants, and many kinds of rhinoplasties. 

However, you can have an invasive cosmetic procedure that is not necessarily surgical. Generally, this would be any sort of procedure where there are injections, such as dermal fillers or muscle relaxants. There are also certain procedures that also involve pins pressed very shallowly into the skin, such as fractora – whether these would be considered invasive or not really depends on personal tolerance. 

These non-surgical options are great for those who are looking to restore volume to their skin, especially for those looking to tackle wrinkles. Dermal fillers add a safe non-toxic liquid under the skin that naturally dissolves over time, meaning it’s great for adding volume to areas like cheeks and lips. Muscle relaxants, on the other hand, smooth out wrinkles caused by the tension of muscles, such as frown lines and crow’s feet. 

Non-invasive cosmetic treatments

Beyond non-surgical options, there are actually many cosmetic procedures that involve nothing invasive at all. Many people presume the only non-invasive options are simply to go buy some skincare cream from the pharmacy. But at PSSC, we have a variety of cosmetic procedures that require absolutely no invasive operations at all. 

Worried about tummy tucks and liposuctions? Coolsculpting is a procedure in which “paddles” are held against areas of stubborn fat (think love handles) and then apply freezing temperatures. his will painlessly kill off excess fat cells, which your body will then flushed out naturally. 

There are also a variety of light-based cosmetic treatments on the market today, such as BroadBand Light Treatment (BBL).  This procedure uses lightwaves to penetrate the skin, helping kill off acne causing bacteria and promoting the growth of new collagen tissue. This all helps skin look younger and less blemished. Best of all, it’s a procedure that can be done quickly, over a lunch break.

If your skin is sun damaged, you might also want to look into a facial peel. These can be done with chemicals or with lasers. While this process is more intensive than the first two mentioned, requiring some topical freezing to keep you comfortable, it can be wrapped up in only a couple of hours, and you can go right home afterwards. 

If these non-surgical cosmetic options intrigue you, then don’t hesitate. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to book you for a consultation! 

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