Why Micro-Laser Peels are Perfect For Fall

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Why Micro-Laser Peels are Perfect For Fall

Missing out on the everyday summer sun can be a downer, but there are also some upsides you may not be aware of. Many cosmetic procedures can have less than stellar results if they are exposed to extreme sunlight. This means that overcast and autumn weather can be the perfect time to get sun-sensitive procedures, such as microlaser skin peels, which this blog will cover. The sun might be heading away, but that just means that it is now your time to shine instead! 

Sun Damage and Your Skin 

While you probably had a lot of fun this summer, your skin might have not had as great a time. This is one reason why cosmetic skin procedures are so popular in the fall – it’s a way to help counteract any sun damage that was done over the brighter months and the perfect time to fall in love with your skin again, just before the holidays.

The danger lurking in sunlight is due to ultraviolet light or UV rays. These rays, unlike other rays you get from sunlight, are able to penetrate your skin layers. This can start to play havoc with the cells beneath your outer layers of skin. This can then manifest in signs of sun damage, such as dark spots, patches of scaly dry skin, blotches, and even wrinkles and sagging.

In some of the more extreme cases, these areas of skin damage can become the focus for more severe skin conditions, such as actinic keratosis. In a total worst-case scenario, these can even become cancerous. 

There are of course plenty of cosmetic procedures that can combat this damage, but many of these involve removing layers of damaged skin to promote the regeneration of healthier layers and restoring collagen. However, since these procedures often involve removing layers of skin, they ironically end up making you more vulnerable to sun damage if not done in a professional environment.

This is why it can pay to wait until summer is over to get some of these sun-damage reversing procedures done – helping you safely reverse damage to your skin, whether that’s on your face, neck, or decollete. And one of the best of those procedures has to be the micro-laser peel. 

The Season for Micro-Laser Peels

As we’ve determined, any cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of skin is a perfect procedure to wait until its autumn for. One of the most popular treatments that we perform here is the Micro Laser Peel. 

This treatment involves using small (micro) laser channels to carefully peel away the outer layers of skin. Through the use of topical freezing, this procedure can be done quite deeply with only minimal discomfort. The treatment itself only requires 45minutes of waiting for the topical freezing, and another 30 minutes for the procedure itself. 

The recovery period for microlaser peels involves a high degree of sun sensitivity – this is why it’s great to wait for less sun-drenched days. While you might have a sunburned appearance to start, that will start to fade after about three to four days – this is why the micro-laser peel is often referred to as “the weekend peel”- show up Friday show off Monday!- After about a week you’ll have an amazing glow to your skin, and see a significant reduction in sun damage, spots, and signs of aging.

However, while the lack of sun in autumn makes this a great time for a micro-laser peel, it also poses one significant risk in some places – the risk of dry skin. Your skin may be prone to dehydration after getting a microlaser peel (which is temporary). Thankfully, when getting a micro-laser peel in Toronto, any good clinic will provide you with a post-care kit and a guide to moisturizing. 

Now that summer is gone, it’s time to treat your body and give thanks for putting up with all those UV rays to give you your amazing tan. With a microlaser peel you’ll be fresh and ready for a new season of sun when it comes around! 

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