60 Minutes or Less: Cosmetic Procedures that Can Happen During a Lunch Break

A practitioner wearing gloves applies a chemical on a female patient’s face.

60 Minutes or Less: Cosmetic Procedures that Can Happen During a Lunch Break

The typical cosmetic procedure requires you to go under the knife. But when it comes to others and their degree of invasiveness, as the kids say, they’re not that deep. 

Some of the most effective touch-ups can happen over your lunch break, requiring minimal or no sedation and incisions. 

Best of all, they can do the trick to keep you looking young and rejuvenated. In this post, we’ll highlight quick cosmetic procedures that will have you in and out of the clinic in no time. 

#1 Botox™ 

By now, Botox™ shots aren’t new to you. Everyone from the regulars at your gym to the stars of your favourite Netflix reality series are getting them. 

You can get a complete Botox™ treatment in 10-20 minutes, depending on the area receiving treatment. There’s no need for anesthesia and at most, you might feel slight discomfort. 

The injections work by administering botulinum toxin, which blocks nerve signals and temporarily paralyzes muscle activity. The result is a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and other ageing signs, which can last for 3-6 months

#2 Filler Treatments

Like Botox™ shots, fillers are everywhere. They’re becoming a hot commodity because they can achieve similar effects to more invasive procedures, albeit with slightly less dramatic results. 

Depending on your target area, a filler treatment will last anywhere from 15-60 minutes. You don’t need any sedation for it, and you might feel very slight discomfort from the injection but nothing more. Results can last for 6-12 months and sometimes more

Filler treatments usually involve the injection of hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite. Practitioners often use fillers to restore volume in the cheeks and lips, giving them that full, plump look sported by Angelina Jolie, Priyanka Chopra, and Kerry Washington. However, fillers are also effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

#3 Minimal Downtime Laser Procedures

Lasers are powerful for cosmetic procedures— they’re not just the destructive weapons you’ve seen in old James Bond movies!

Minimal laser procedures happen in 15-60 minutes, max. And the frequencies they use cause minimal discomfort such as soreness and redness. There’s no need for sedation even, so you have nothing to fear with laser treatment. 

They’re versatile too. Some varieties such as Halo™ laser therapy can treat everything from wrinkles and fine lines to sun damage and hyperpigmentation. In general, lasers give you a uniform skin tone and the smooth texture of someone who just turned 20. 

#4 Radiofrequency Devices

Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening sometimes flies under the radar, but those who know about it, also rave about it. It’s essentially a facelift without the scalpel.

An RF treatment lasts 30-45 minutes on average, depending on the target area. Most RF procedures require no anesthesia, although a practitioner may use a local numbing agent for very specific approaches. But there’s generally minimal discomfort in the form of redness and mild swelling. Results can last 1-2 years. 

RF treatments tighten skin and reduce wrinkles by using heat to stimulate collagen production. The result is smoother, firmer skin using the body’s own healing mechanisms. 

#5 Mild Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can sound intimidating on the surface (excuse the pun), but they’re really not. 

A chemical peel treatment can last 30-60 minutes, if only targeting upper layers of skin. The practitioner applies a chemical solution that sloughs off dead skin, allowing new, fresher skin to emerge. There may be some swelling and redness for 1-2 weeks. With that said, they’re no joke when it comes to busting acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and wrinkles. They’re heavy duty!

The caveat with chemical peels is the intensity—only the milder peels are minimally invasive and require no anesthesia. Deep ones may require sedation, last longer than an hour, and may have recovery times that take more than one month. 

#6 Laser Hair Removal

We’ve got a complicated relationship with body hair. We’ve gone from embracing body hair, to wanting to shave it all off, to embracing it all over again. For those of you who haven’t come full circle and prefer to be as smooth as a billiard ball, take a cue from us and try laser hair removal. 

Small areas such as the upper lip or chin need just five minutes of laser treatment. Large areas such as the back or legs require about 30 minutes of treatment. Generally speaking, it doesn’t take more than one hour, although hair loss will continue to happen after the procedure. In some cases, you might have to do multiple sessions. 

The beauty of laser hair removal is that it requires no sedation and comes with the most minimal discomfort (redness). In fact, a laser is likely less irritating than getting nicked by a razor!

#7 CoolSculpting™

You’ve seen ads for products that claim to “melt the fat off”. You also know that liposuction surgery can, well…suck the fat out. But thanks to good ole’ technology, a more balanced alternative is to simply freeze the fat—with CoolSculpting™

Although the treatment can last for more than an hour (for larger areas), smaller target areas can be over and done with in less than 60 minutes. In fact, some CoolSculpting™ treatments take as little as 35 minutes. The body removes the frozen fat over the course of 2-6 months, although you’ll likely require two or three treatments to maintain the results. With that said, the results are indefinite. 

CoolSculpting™ works by vacuuming the skin on top of an area with excess fat tissue. The applicator then cools (and freezes) the fat cells so that they essentially die off. Gradually, the body clears these cells, which results in a reduction of fat in the target area. 

Look Like a New You by the Top of the Hour

Sometimes, the little hang ups we have about our bodies don’t need major makeovers or repairs—just a few touch ups. And for such jobs, the quick and minimally-invasive procedures mentioned above will do the trick. 

Whether you’re a good candidate for these treatments or not boils down to having a consultation with a practitioner. Tell them your complaints, goals, and what outcomes you’re looking for. They’ll conduct an evaluation and match you with the right treatment to give you the best results possible. 

At PSSC, we do just that. We examine your trouble spots, taking measurements and assessing their severity. Based on our findings, we’ll either recommend you for a minimally-invasive treatment, or refer you for a more invasive one if necessary. Nevertheless, you can rely on us to guide you to the precise procedure for the outcomes you deserve. 

Looking for a quick and simple procedure that can help you turn the clock back? Get in touch with us so we can assess you and begin your minimally-invasive journey today!

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