Beyond Botox®: Teosyal® and Restylane®

Dermal fillers are quick and easy ways to combat the signs of aging

Beyond Botox®: Teosyal® and Restylane®

When people hear “dermal filler” they always think of Botox® first and foremost – assuming they know what a dermal filler is! However, there’s a lot more to dermal fillers than you might realize. This piece will explain the dermal filler options we offer here at PSSC, as well as give you an introduction to what they are, and how to best use them. 

What Are Dermal Fillers?

As the name suggests, dermal fillers are used to, well, fill. Fill what, you might ask? Why, your skin, of course! While every dermal filler works differently, they all tend to be made up of some sort of natural substance that is found naturally in your body. 

We tend to think of skin as just skin, but there’s a lot more going on when it comes to your appearance. An unblemished outer layer of skin is important, yes. But we have many other layers below the surface that determine how we look. If materials like collagen below our skin start to wear out (a natural result of aging), our skin can start to lose its definition. Or, in other terms, as you start to lose the volume and plumpness under your skin, you’ll start to develop wrinkles.

This is where the process we mentioned above comes in. By adding extra amounts of the natural substances found under the skin, cosmetic experts can help add volume and definition to your face. The best part about products like this is that they don’t require any deeply invasive surgery to make these adjustments. 

Your cosmetic professional I.E- Doctor or Nurse will help you see where you may have lost some volume, and based on what the professional and yourself see, the proper and adequate filler will be chosen for you.  If you had thin lips, for example, you could get a very specific injection to help fill them out. 

What are the Kinds of Dermal Fillers?

In looking up options for cosmetic procedures, you might hear about comparisons being made between “temporary dermal fillers” and “permanent dermal fillers”. While the names might seem self-explanatory, they’re not necessarily quite accurate. This is because there’s not really a “permanent” filler out there. Since all legitimate and safe fillers are made from natural substances, the body will eventually, naturally, absorb them. 

What are known as permanent dermal fillers can last a very long time, however – up to five years in some cases. Temporary dermal fillers, on the other hand, rarely last more than a year. Fillers that fall between these two results may be referred to as “semi-permanent”. As you can tell, both will last for quite a long time, but you should be aware of the time limits on the products that you use. 

Here’s a fun fact – did you know that Botox® isn’t a dermal filler? While it is an injectable, what it is injecting isn’t actually a dermal filler. Instead, it is a muscle relaxant. The idea is that by relaxing your muscles, you can smooth out wrinkles caused by the tensing of those muscles. So while Botox® is great for fighting wrinkles, it can’t actually add any additional volume. 

What Dermal Fillers Does PSSC Offer?

 At PSSC, we offer two options for fillers -Teosyal® and Restylane®. Restylane® dermal filler is used to restore, refresh, and enhance your skin. It’s perfect for adding extra volume to areas like your cheeks and can even be used to plump lips. It’s a somewhat shorter-lasting treatment, with results generally remaining for between 6 to 18 months. 

Teosyal® is a family of different products that are each suitable for specific areas of your face and includes versions for wrinkles, creases, upper face, and cheeks. If you want to get your touch-up very specific, it’s a great product to work with. 

Not sure which is right for you? Not sure where Teosyal® or Restylane® can make the most impact? As experts in dermal fillers, we’re happy to give our expertise on any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. 

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