How to Deal With Hyperpigmentation

Masking hyperpigmentation with makeup is a temporary solution - BBL treatment can remove it for much longer.

How to Deal With Hyperpigmentation

Everyone deserves to have skin that they are happy in, but it’s normal to have some hesitation towards various skin lesions including hyperpigmentation. Many of us feel that there is just something a little bit off about our appearance and we might question if it’s worth seeking out a treatment option for it. 

One of the most common gripes about skin can be traced back to the phenomenon known as hyperpigmentation. In this blog, we’ll discuss what hyperpigmentation is, why it can be so troublesome, and how you can go about dealing with it through BBL treatment and fractora treatment at Plastic Surgery Skin Clinic. 

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Everyone’s skin has a substance called melanin inside the cells. Production of melanin is spurred by a variety of factors. These include exposure to sunlight, hormones, pregnancy, birth control pills, heat, and simple aging. 

 The amount of melanin in your skin as a whole determines the tone of your skin. Seems pretty straightforward so far.

But what happens when one area of your skin has more melanin than others?

Damage to skin cells due to aging or excessive sun exposure can cause melanin deposits to build in certain areas. This could be because your skin’s melanin reacts to too much sun exposure, trying to protect you. It could also be due to damage to your skin cells – from aging, acne, or simply a genetic predisposition.

Regardless, the result is the same. You end up with certain portions of your skin that are visibly darker than others. But why does this matter? 

The Problem with Hyperpigmentation

What makes someone look young? You might say it’s the appearance of their hair. Perhaps it’s the absence of wrinkles. But one of the first ways we judge age is through complexion. Clear skin with a uniform shade triggers the parts of our brain that recognize youth and attractiveness.

Hyperpigmentation breaks up this uniform appearance and makes us think of aging. No matter your age, you’ll look older than your current age if you suffer from too much hyperpigmentation. 

How Do I Deal With Hyperpigmentation?

Once a cell becomes overloaded on melanin, it will remain that way. Proper skin care is an effective way to treat pigmentation, however. PSSC sells many such products which can help you treat hyperpigmentation daily. (Some of these products are also intended for use with light treatment). 

One of the best ways to address hyperpigmentation is through fractora treatment or BBL treatment. These are methods that deal with the source of the issue – the damaged cells themselves. 

BBL (Broadband Light) treatment works by using light to project energy underneath your skin. This causes regeneration of your cells, replacing the old damaged ones with new and healthy cells. The heat from the process also promotes collagen growth under your skin. The result is skin that is uniform in color and firmer as well.

Fractora treatment works in much the same manner. Fractora focuses more on the generation of collagen for even firmer skin. Both provide a long-lasting solution to hyperpigmentation, no matter which treatment you get.

Best of all, both BBL treatment and fractora treatment are convenient. A single session of either can be completed in a single day with only minimal downtime. After roughly 3-4 sessions, the effects of these treatments will be long-lasting.

At PSSC, we offer both BBL treatment and Fractora treatment. We also provide specialized variations on this treatment, such as a BBL treatment designed to use heat to remove and prevent acne or a photodynamic treatment that mixes BBL with a photo-sensitizing medication.

If you want to learn more about your options for fighting hyperpigmentation or whether it’s worth seeking cosmetic treatment on non-harmful skin lesions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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