How Much Does Coolsculpting™ Cost? It Depends on What You Get

A practitioner applies a CoolSculpting™ applicator on a female patient’s abdomen.

How Much Does Coolsculpting™ Cost? It Depends on What You Get

CoolSculpting™ is nothing short of a marvel in modern cosmetic medicine. With a vacuum-like device and sub-zero chamber to freeze fat cells, you’ll get a svelte physique that’s beach-ready in just 4-6 months. 

Of course, any procedure that turns fat-blasting from a marathon to a sprint comes with a cost. In this post, we’ll break down the price of CoolSculpting™, so you can begin your fat loss journey with no surprises.

So, How Much Does CoolSculpting™ Cost?

The starting cost for a single CoolSculpting™™ treatment is $1500. But we’re just throwing out an average—the price tag can vary depending on the extent and frequency of CoolSculpting™ treatments. There are a few factors that can influence the cost, including: 

  • Treatment area
  • Number of treatments
  • Size of the treatment area
  • Applicator type and treatment time
  • Geographic location

With that in mind, we’ll examine each factor in further detail and how it determines how much CoolSculpting™ costs. 

1. Number of Treatment Areas

Looking to deflate a spare tire? Or want to lose the grip of some love handles? Your target area of choice will bring the price up or down. 

For example, the tummy counts as one area— a small one at that— whereas the thighs count as two. So naturally, thigh treatment would double in price. 

Also, if you’re looking to target multiple areas, such as the stomach and thighs, or the mid back and back of the arms, then that would raise the cost as well. 

2. Number of Treatments 

This is one is obvious—the more treatments you receive, the more you’ll pay. Now, most patients need more than one CoolSculpting™ session to see the fastest and most noticeable results. So a $1500 treatment, required three times, would amount to $4500. 

This isn’t liposuction, where the fat is drained right out. With CoolSculpting™, your body is learning to blast fat on its own. 

So not only does it take time, but a few nudges from the practitioner. With that said, if you’re within 20-30 pounds of your goal weight, you probably won’t need more than two treatments. 

3. Size of Treatment Area 

You can also expect to pay more or less depending on the size of your treatment area. So if you narrow in on a minuscule region like a double chin, costs will remain on the lower end of the spectrum. However, if you want to flatten something like a pudgy tummy or target the thighs and waist, the cost will increase. For that you’re looking at a price closer to $6500, give or take. 

4. Type of CoolSculpting™ Applicator Used & Treatment Time 

If you’ve seen a CoolSculpting™ applicator, you might assume they all look (and work) the same. Here’s a fun fact—they don’t. First off, applicators vary in size and shape, which influences their function. That means that some applicators may have more general or specific uses—generally, more specific ones have specialized components and settings that make them pricier. 

And that leads to another factor—the length of a treatment session. Some applicators need to run for as long as 90 minutes to achieve maximum effect, meaning a higher cost. The opposite is true for applicators that need shorter run times, such as those used for 30-minute sessions.

5. Location of the CoolSculpting™ Treatment

Yes, your coordinates can determine how much you’ll pay for CoolSculpting™ treatments. If you assumed that it costs more in a big, cosmopolitan city than in some obscure town, you’d be correct. 

But if anything, that’s because major cities have more reputable practitioners with greater access to the best CoolSculpting™ tech. And yes, they’ve got higher overhead costs. 

However, the differences in costs aren’t over-the-top. The starting cost we mentioned in the beginning—$1500—is similar from city to city. Here at PSSC, located in North York, Ontario, this price range rings true as well. 

How Much Does CoolSculpting™ Cost For YOU Specifically?

It depends. Use the starting price range as a reference, but what you pay is dependent on your expectations. Additionally, the techniques and methods your practitioner will use to get you there will influence costs as well.

How Much CoolSculpting™ Will Cost Based on an Assessment

  • Your treatment goals (degree of fat loss desired)
  • Your practitioner’s recommendations of treatment length and frequency
  • Your practitioner’s choice of applicator and its usage
  • Your response to the procedure (and whether you’ll need more treatments or not)

Don’t worry about a CoolSculpting™ treatment becoming astronomical in cost. If your fat loss goals are too costly (and lofty) to be feasible, then a practitioner will likely recommend liposuction. 

Sculpt Your Figure Without Spending Too Many Figures

So how can you save money on CoolSculpting™ treatment? 

The first step is to find a practitioner who can get you the maximum results in the fewest treatments possible. That boils down to having the skill and experience to do so, along with the equipment. Practitioners at the top of their game will eliminate the need for an extra treatment or more. 

Also, make sure to consider financing. Breaking up your payments can make the overall cost more manageable, allowing you to start your treatment sooner than later. 

And lastly, look and ask for promotions that bundle treatments to add more value to the cost. 

Here at PSSC, we offer all three—renowned CoolSculpting™ practitioners, financing options and promotions, so that you lose the fat for your buck.  

But regardless of what you do, remember that CoolSculpting™ can be life-changing and worth every penny. In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can trim and shape your body just how you want it, but in record time. 
At PSSC, we bring decades’ worth of combined experience in fat loss procedures and are leading practitioners of CoolSculpting™ and its techniques. If you’re wondering how much does CoolSculpting™ cost for your fat loss goals, get in touch with us so we can start your journey today!

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