Our Top Fractora FAQ

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Our Top Fractora FAQ

Fractora has to be one of our most popular treatments, due to the wide array of improvements it can make to the appearance and firmness of your skin. However, there are still those who don’t really understand what this process is, or what are the Fractora side effects. Since PSSC will be offering some special deals on Fractora in the coming weeks, this is the perfect opportunity to clear up some of these misconceptions and hanging questions, and give you everything you need to know about Fractora Treatment.

#1 How Does Fractora Work?

Some customers are confused as to if Fractora is a surgical treatment or not, due to the fact that it involves a few stages. Firstly, Fractora involves the use of small pins inserted into the face. These pins are used to help guide heat under the skin to the deeper sub-dermal tissues.

The end result is that the collagen under the skin is restructured and rejuvenated. Collagen is the “building block” of many parts of our body, including our subdermal tissues. By restructuring it, the skin above can become more filled out, and wrinkles reduced. The heat generated by Fractora skin treatment will also kill off unwanted bacteria below the skin, improving skin condition and even eliminating acne!

#2 How Soon Do You See Results?

Fractora treatments are impressive because of how immediate the results are – you’ll start to notice a firmness to the skin and a reduction of blemishes within a few days. However, the process is a continuing one, as collagen is restructured over time. That means that it can take up to three months for all results to be completed. The most striking results will normally be finished within the first month after treatment.

#3 How Many Fractora Treatments Do You Need?

For the absolute best results from Fractora Treatment, you will want to receive a few treatments. This is to get the absolute best result from Fractora, and the longest lasting. So how many treatments are needed? It can depend on the person, and how much is wanted to be finished. Generally, you will need from 1-4 treatments to reach your goal, with 4 being the most effective.

#4 Is Fractora Just For the Face?

Nope! Fractora can be used anywhere that you want to reduce wrinkles and blemishes and leave skin looking younger and more refreshed. While the face tends to be the most popular area, many people also get Fractora treatments for the neck, decollete, and hands.

#5 What Are Fractora Side Effects?

One reason why Fractora treatment is so popular is that it is a very minimal downtime compared to more surgical procedures. Within 2 days you can get right back to your regular routine and start to apply makeup again. Your skin may have some redness and swelling for up to 5 days afterward, but this is perfectly normal.

#6 Am I a Good Candidate For Fractora?

Fractora as a treatment is generally appropriate for anyone and everyone, and the list of disqualifying conditions is fairly small. Generally, for the weeks before a Fractora Treatment, you should avoid other cosmetic treatments such as injectables, and should also avoid tanning beds as well.

There are also some drugs that you should discontinue the usage of before a Fractora treatment, such as Accutane. As well, if you have a history of viral infections on the face (i.e. cold sores), it’s a good idea to advise your cosmetic surgeon of this so they can give you anti-virals to avoid a return.

There may be some more niche concerns, but thankfully, these can all be addressed during your consultation. The best part? At PSSC your consultations are complimentary! So don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions today!

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