How to Find a Newmarket CoolSculpting Clinic That Gets Results

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How to Find a Newmarket CoolSculpting Clinic That Gets Results

If you’ve been looking for a non-surgical way to remove stubborn fat from problem areas, you’ve probably looked at CoolSculpting. It’s a quick and easy non-surgical procedure that uses a handheld machine to freeze away fat cells. These types of cells don’t deal well with being that cold. Once they’ve been frozen, our body eliminates them. It’s a great way to deal with problematic areas like love handles and double chins.

CoolSculpting is so easy that it can be done over your lunch hour. It doesn’t require any anesthetic or medication, so you can get on with the rest of your day. For many people, it gives them results that hours in the gym and persistent dieting cannot.

If this procedure appeals to you, the next step is finding a clinic. In Newmarket, CoolSculpting is quite popular, and the options for CoolSculpting clinics are varied. Here’s how to tell when you’re at the right clinic.  

What to Look For In a CoolSculpting Clinic

When you’re looking at CoolSculpting clinics, it can be difficult to pick the right one. Many cosmetic surgeons offer this treatment, but not all doctors and clinics offer the same level of service. Here’s what to look for when choosing a CoolSculpting clinic.


Plastic Surgery Office Newmarket

From the minute you step inside, the clinic should be clean. If the waiting area and reception are a mess, it’s a sign that the practice is disorganized and doesn’t take hygiene seriously.

The suite where you get the procedure done should be spotless. Although the treatment is not invasive, every precaution should be taken to ensure that the machines and furniture are clean and sterilized.

Attention to Detail

From your first consultation, the staff at the clinic should be making meticulous notes. You should feel like they’re able to answer detailed questions about the procedure and the clinic policies. It shouldn’t be difficult to speak to a human being, whether it’s over the phone or in person.

Customer Service

Although picking the right cosmetic surgeon is important, the customer service in their practice makes a huge difference in your experience. Being able to deal with friendly and outgoing intake staff and nurses make your experience a lot easier.

What to Look for In a Cosmetic Surgeon

When you’re looking for the right cosmetic surgeon to perform your CoolSculpting procedure, you want someone who makes you feel comfortable. Read reviews, ask around to friends and family, and see whether anyone can make any personal suggestions. Here are some factors to keep in mind when picking a cosmetic surgeon.


Reviewing a cosmetic surgeon’s experience is a great way to tell whether they’ll be a good match for you. Look at any before and after photos you can find, and see whether you like their work. Read reviews online, check their certifications, and make sure you feel confident in their ability.  


When you ask the cosmetic surgeon questions about the CoolSculpting procedure, they should be able to answer them thoroughly. They should know their stuff, but they also need to be able to explain complex medical topics in layman’s terms.

You should feel more confident and educated on the treatment after talking to them- never confused or overwhelmed.  

Attentive to Your Needs

Throughout the process, your cosmetic surgeon should make you feel comfortable. They’ll do this by answering your questions, but their attitude and overall demeanour should also put you at ease. They should be attentive to your needs and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Steps for Getting Great CoolSculpting Results  

Once you’ve picked a doctor and clinic you like, the CoolSculpting process is very straightforward. These steps will help you achieve noticeable and long-lasting results through CoolSculpting.   


At the initial consultation, your doctor will work with you to create a treatment plan based on your goals. You’ll be given a rundown of what to expect during the process and some instructions for post-treatment care. 

Come prepared with any question you have- you can even make a list to ensure you remember everything. You’ll also be given a breakdown of costs at this time.

CoolSculpting Prep


After you’ve talked to the clinician, you’ll be taken into the treatment room. A clear gel pad will be applied to the treatment area. The initial prep is quick and easy, and you shouldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary.


During the treatment, the clinician will apply the device to the treatment area, over the gel pad. The device delivers a cooling sensation that freezes the fat cells. You may feel the device suction on to your skin, as well as some pinching, pulling, or cold sensations. It shouldn’t hurt, but it may feel a bit strange. 

After the device is removed, the clinician will massage the area to stimulate any frozen tissue.


After the treatment is done, you may experience a few minor side effects, including bruising, redness, and sensitivity. They should go away within a few days. Taking over-the-counter pain medication may help combat these side effects. You can resume normal activities immediately.

Ongoing Sessions

It usually takes between 3 weeks and 6 months before you see the final CoolSculpting results. In most cases, one treatment can reduce between 20-25% of fat in the area. Doctors may suggest more than one treatment for problem areas.

Need Help Finding the Right Newmarket CoolSculpting Clinic?

CoolSculpting is an easy and effective way to target stubborn problem areas where fat just won’t go away. Finding the right clinic to get the procedure done can be difficult, but with some research and diligent effort, you’ll find a cosmetic surgeon that understands your goals.

At the Plastic Surgery Skin Clinic, we pride ourselves in offering the top cosmetic surgeons who have extensive experience in CoolSculpting. Book a consultation with us today! 

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