What to Ask Before The Injection: Dermal Fillers & Muscle Relaxers

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What to Ask Before The Injection: Dermal Fillers & Muscle Relaxers

In the right hands, dermal fillers and muscle relaxers are transformative treatments with dramatic effects. They are a noninvasive, even a quick “lunch-break” treatment that a surgeon or medical spa can perform safely. 

Filler injections can reduce fine lines, and turn back the hands of time, temporarily. But to make sure you get the safety and results you deserve, there are a few essential questions you should ask your surgeon.

Where are the Injectables Sourced?

In the cosmetic industry, counterfeit injectables are an unfortunate reality. In most cases, these come from unqualified or less qualified clinics that offer discount treatments. These discounts come at a severe cost to the customer. 

Counterfeit facial muscle relaxers and dermal fillers may be ineffective or even dangerous. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! 

The FDA carefully monitors and tests the safety and efficacy that medspas use. Using FDA-approved injectables like Dysport and Restylane is an excellent way to reduce your risks from counterfeit products. 

As well, feel free to ask your surgeon about where and how they source their injectables. Above-board clinics keep careful records and are extra cautious about how they source their products and equipment.

A cosmetic clinic that cares about how they source their injectables is a clinic that cares about you, your safety, and your results.

What’s in the Injectable?

During your consultation, you should learn what options your surgeon recommends. For instance, Juvederm and Restylane are two of the most popular, safe, and effective dermal fillers. Having these fillers recommended may add confidence, as you know that they are trusted and reputable.

If your clinic recommends a product you are unfamiliar with, take matters into your own hands with a quick online investigation. Find out if other clinics in your area are offering similar treatments.

If the clinic near you is the only one offering a particular procedure or injectable, it may be a red flag. The best facial muscle relaxers and dermal fillers are well known and easily accessible by cosmetic surgeons, so it’s generally best to avoid new injectables that are not used widely by medical spas or plastic surgeons. These may be less reputable, untested, or less effective.

What are the Doctor’s Credentials?

The treatments and products a clinic offers are only as good as the surgeons who provide them. Before committing to a medspa or cosmetic surgery clinic, make sure their doctors have the right credentials.

Look to find a board-certified surgeon in facial plastic surgery and dermatology. These experts can offer a greater level of expertise in selecting and applying injectables, increasing both the procedure’s safety and quality. 

A qualified surgeon can also better answer questions about their injectables and the providers.

Ask to See Their Portfolio

One of the best ways to understand what a cosmetic surgeon can do for you is to see the work they’ve done for others.

Taking a look at their results can be a good indicator of whether or not they’re the right surgeon for you. Pay close attention to work done that is similar to your goals and performed on people with similar facial features. Look not only at the results you want but at before pictures that are most similar to you. Looking at before and after images gives you an idea of what results are available to you.

For further peace of mind, look up online reviews. These give you real feedback on not only the results of other patients but of their experience.

Book a Dermal Filler or Facial Muscle Relaxer Consultation

For the best care in cosmetic injectables, visit a med spa with a plastic surgeon on-site and ensure credibility, reputation and safety, especially when considering injectables or dermal fillers for the first time. They will address your concerns and goals to pick the right combination of injectables for your face and skin.

At Newmarket’s Plastic Surgery Skin Clinic, our team always has a surgeon on-site for your consultation and to perform or oversee procedures. We use only trusted, FDA-approved injectables like Dysport, Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm. 

Contact us today to schedule a dermal filler or facial muscle relaxer consultation.

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