Coolsculpting vs Tummy Tuck

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Coolsculpting vs Tummy Tuck

For many, weight loss isn’t a question of net gain or loss of pounds to reach arbitrary numbers. Many of our clients looking for plastic surgery, Newmarket or Toronto-wide are more interested in the aesthetics. You can have a weight you are mostly comfortable with, and yet have stubborn bits of unwanted fat in awkward areas, such as your belly or sides.

This is where procedures such as coolsculpting or the tummy tuck comes in. These allow you to target specific areas of your body for adjustment and fat reduction. But which of these options are better? As with most things, it depends. This piece will serve as a guide to comparing the two. 

Surgical vs. Nonsurgical Procedure

While coolsculpting and tummy-tucks both can be used to target belly fat, they use very different methods. Coolsculpting works by targeting and freezing fat cells in areas of the body. This freezing process will kill fat cells below the skin – the dead cells will then slowly but steadily be flushed from the body. 

Coolsculpting is generally performed by holding the targeted area of excess fat between “freezing plates” – it’s 100% non-invasive. Coolsculpting is generally an hour-long procedure, with no immediate downtime. In most cases only a single treatment session is not enough however.

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that targets the abdomen. In this procedure, the abdomen is surgically opened, with fat being removed and muscles tightened. This can remove fat from the stomach, but also reduce sagging skin caused by aging, weight loss, or pregnancy.

A tummy tuck can take a few hours and may include a hospital stay. Tummy tucks will generally require a few days of rest afterward, and avoidance of strenuous activity for a couple of months afterward.

Side Effects

As mentioned, a major difference between coolsculpting and tummy-tucks is the significantly longer downtime of tummy tucks. The two procedures also differ in the scope of their side effects. Coolsculpting side effects may involve some stinging and pain at the site of the coolsculpting, including a sensation of “tugging” that can last for an hour or two after the procedure is done. Coolsculpting side effects may also include some temporary redness or swelling. 

Tummy-tucks, as the surgical option, will tend to have more noticeable side effects. There may be pain and swelling for a few days after the surgery that may require medication. There will also likely be a permanent scar – though they will fade, they will never fully go away. As a surgical option, there are a greater number of risks with a tummy-tuck, such as bleeding or infections. 

Price Difference

Depending on where you get your coolsculpting, and how much coolsculpting you need to do, the price for a session can range from $1500 to $9000 or more. A tummy tuck, meanwhile, can range from $8000 to over $12,000. 

However, with this pricing, it should be kept in mind that coolsculpting is not a full replacement for a surgical option such as a tummy tuck and that multiple cool sculpts may be needed to get the same effect of surgery. That said, coolsculpting will reach its maximum effectiveness at only about three sessions – it doesn’t necessarily need to go on forever! In short, the prices can be very similar – the decision is more over a preference for surgical or non-surgical 

Coolsculpting Toronto or Newmarket

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