Here Are 5 Coolsculpting Myths You Should Never Believe

Coolsculpting can't help you magically lose weight!

Here Are 5 Coolsculpting Myths You Should Never Believe

Coolsculpting can do wonders for helping you get that extra last bit of definition that your weight loss program can’t finish on your own. While healthy eating and exercise will help you shed pounds, you won’t always lose weight in a manner that is as aesthetically pleasing as you imagined. Coolsculpting is a great way to help “touch up” areas where excess weight leaves an unsightly impression.

Despite the popularity of coolsculpting in Toronto, there are still plenty of myths about things like coolsculpting side effects and coolsculpting cost. This piece will go over some of these most common myths, and see if there is anything to them. 

#1 Coolsculpting Is Like Liposuction

Many people who think about coolsculpting only really know that it has something to do with the removal of fat. They, therefore, assume that coolsculpting is some sort of an invasive process, and therefore there are plenty of coolsculpting side effects from surgery.

It’s important to understand that coolsculpting is an entirely non-invasive procedure for removing unwanted fat. What coolsculpting actually does is freeze specific areas of fat in the body (like love handles), killing the fat cells. These dead fat cells are then naturally removed by the body from the treatment areas, leading to a gradual reduction in fat in that area. Speaking of gradual reduction…

#2 Coolsculpting Works Instantly

Another way that people sometimes confuse a coolsculpting clinic with a liposuction clinic is in the rate of how results manifest. Some people get coolsculpting and are disappointed when they haven’t instantly lost the excess fat from the controlled cooling immediately post-treatment. However, as has been explained, coolsculpting isn’t a surgical procedure where fat is taken directly out of the body. Rather, the “Frozen” fat cells are killed off – but it takes long-term work for your body to flush them out of the system.

How long? Well, that’s actually up to you! It can take up to a year for the full effects of coolsculpting to show, everyone is different. However, if you are losing weight yourself through a healthy diet and exercise, you should start to see the effects within a few months. It’s important to remember that coolsculpting is not a weight loss solution but rather and aid for those who live a generally healthy lifestyle and have a few “peak” or “bulk” areas of stubborn fat.

#3 Coolsculpting Side Effects are Painful

One of the great things about coolsculpting is that it’s an incredibly easy procedure to get. While you might experience some numbness during the procedure, the most you will have to deal with during the recovery phase might be some redness, bruising or stinging. If you see bruising, don’t panic – this is a natural result of killing off those fat cells, and should definitely fade with time. 

#4 Coolsculpting is a Skin Tightening Procedure

Some people see the more contoured figures of people who have gotten coolsculpting and assume that this means that coolsculpting can be used to tighten skin anywhere on their body. However, it’s important to remember that coolsculpting is only used to remove stubborn fat pockets, first and foremost. It can’t work as a skin tightening procedure on its own.

That said, coolsculpting can be useful in more areas than you realize. While many people get coolsculpting to target “love handles” on the belly, it can also be used to target fat under  the chin, neck, legs, or arms. It’s also great for men who have embarrassing excess breast  fat (Gynecomastia)  that they want to get rid of. 

#5 Coolsculpting is Too Much of a Hassle

Did you know that you can get a coolsculpting treatment done in just an hour, easily doable over a lunch break? Plenty of people assume that coolsculpting is too much of a hassle to go through for body contouring. However, it is easy to book, and even easier to get done. Just contact us today if you’re interested in coolsculpting in Toronto! 

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