Freeze Away Stubborn Fat With Coolsculpting

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Freeze Away Stubborn Fat With Coolsculpting

It’s getting into the heat of summer – but your key to a great-looking beach body could be the cold of a Coolsculpting treatment. Having to work out at home has been difficult for all of us. Even when we’re successful, there are often certain parts of our body that need a little extra help.

Enter coolsculpting, Toronto’s quickly growing favorite summertime cosmetic procedure. Whether you’re looking at coolsculpting thighs or coolsculpting arms, you can use this technique to quickly give you the touch ups you need.

What Is Coolsculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure for fat reduction – it’s quick, with no downtime, and no association with liposuction surgery. The process is a fairly simple one. An area of fat is simply chilled using our Coolsculpting applicator. You may not know this but carefully applied freezing temperatures will actually freeze away (and kill) your fat cells. This isn’t harmful, however – your body will safely process these “discarded” fat cells through the liver over the next few weeks after treatment and will be naturally flushed out of your body through your urine. For up to three months after treatment, you’ll see a slow but steady decrease of fat in the targeted area.  

The coolsculpting process only takes about an hour, and so can easily be done over lunchtime, or whenever is most convenient for you. When it’s done, there’s no recovery period or downtime – you can immediately go about your day! 

However, it is best to be realistic about CoolSculpting results. This process is designed to kill off excess fat cells in an area, which your body will slowly remove over a few months. The nature of the process means that it is best for targeting certain areas of the body at a time – such as coolsculpting thighs or coolsculpting arms. 

What Area Should I Target With Coolsculpting?

The upshot of all of this is that some places are more popular for coolsculpting than others. Anywhere that forms distinct excess “folds” of fat are excellent candidates for coolsculpting technology and helping in fat loss and achieving full results. Good examples include love handles, muffin tops, or double chins. Removing excess fat by choosing coolsculpting things and coolsculpting arms is also very popular. For men, coolsculpting of excess fat on the breast area is also a popular treatment.

What are Coolsculpting Side Effects? 

Thankfully, since it’s a controlled cooling and non-invasive procedure, the coolsculpting side effects are fairly mild. For a few hours after the procedure is done, you may feel a “stretching” sensation on the area that was treated, but that will quickly fade. The treatment site may experience stinging or arching for up to two weeks – this is a natural sensation that not everyone experiences, and it should go away after a couple of weeks. There may also be visible redness or swelling that will fade over time as well. As with any procedure, it’s best to ask your doctor about side effects. Our Coolsculpting Toronto experts as PSSC would be happy to help walk you through any potential side effects.

You can manage these side effects in a few easy ways – make sure to drink plenty of water (to help your body flush out the discarded fat cells faster) and look into massages for the sore spots. Make sure to keep up with your regular healthy eating and workouts as well, to get the best results and to help achieve your overall ideal weight. 

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