How to Approach CoolSculpting if it’s Your First Time

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How to Approach CoolSculpting if it’s Your First Time

Are you considering CoolSculpting but need to know what to expect? This guide should answer most of your questions about how the procedure works, how you need to prepare, and what to expect following the procedure.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, fat-reduction procedure. It targets specific areas of the body with controlled cooling technology, ridding your body of unwanted fat cells permanently without damaging surrounding tissue or skin. CoolSculpting has quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today because of the amazing results, the minimal side effects, and little or no downtime.

How most people start their CoolSculpting journey

Some stubborn fat just won’t disappear! Most people who become interested in CoolSculpting are attracted by the possibility of getting rid of fat that won’t melt away on their arms, back, abdomen, and even on their double chin. This procedure isn’t about overall weight loss but instead targets fat deposits that resist our best dietary or exercise efforts.

Initial consultation

If you’re frustrated by trying to lose weight, you may be ready to take the plunge and start your CoolSculpting journey. First, you’ll need to make an appointment with a Certified Medical Aesthetician*. During this initial consultation, the practitioner will help you define weight-loss goals and create an individualized plan for achieving those goals through CoolSculpting treatments. The practitioner will also assess your overall health and discuss any medical conditions or medications that may affect the outcome of the procedure.

Schedule your session

Once the practitioner clears you for the CoolSculpting procedure, it’s time to schedule your first session. You will likely need several sessions depending on what kind of results you’re looking to achieve. Typically, several sessions are recommended over two months to see optimal outcomes for each treatment area. 

What to expect during your first CoolSculpting session

Your first CoolSculpting session may feel daunting, but there’s nothing to worry about. There are no needles or chemicals to deal with. Expect the whole treatment to last about an hour. On your treatment day, arrive wearing loose, comfortable clothing. During your first appointment, you’ll meet with the technician, who will explain the entire procedure and answer any questions you may have. The technician will then lie you down comfortably in preparation for the session.

The technician will apply a special gel pad to the treatment areas to protect your skin. If you’re CoolSculpting inner thighs, for example, the pad will be placed there, and the CoolSculpting device is applied directly to the unwanted fat deposit. CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells away without damaging surrounding tissues. You may feel some pressure and cooling, but any discomfort is temporary. The actual procedure takes about half an hour per area treated.

What happens next

Following the procedure, there is no downtime, and you should be able to return to your normal activities almost immediately, including your usual workout routine. You may experience some side effects, including bruising or redness, numbness, and tingling, or the area may feel slightly sore. These are only temporary, however.

Over the following weeks, your body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells. You may need to come back one or two times over the next couple of months to have follow-up treatments depending on your particular goals. In a couple of months, you will see clear results. Just look at this example of CoolSculpting before and after: 

Follow-up care depends on you

Finally comes follow-up care. Once all desired treatments have been completed, it’s essential to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise and eating well to maintain the benefits from CoolSculpting. With a healthy routine, most patients are thrilled with their new look after just three sessions! 

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