Which Coolsculpting Applicators are Used For Which Part of the Body

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Which Coolsculpting Applicators are Used For Which Part of the Body

CoolSculpting isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of treatment—different applicators work better (or worse) on different body parts. With that said, knowing the applicator for your particular problem area, its capabilities and limitations, can help put you at ease and give you realistic expectations. This post will examine different CoolSculpting applicators, and the body parts they target. 

So what is CoolSculpting?

Before you go looking for coolsculpting treatment options in Toronto, it’s important to understand what the process is, and what these coolsculpting applicators we’re talking about actually are. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive cosmetic option for cutting back on fat – a faster, safer option compared to liposuction. 

Coolsculpting works by placing devices known as “applicators” along the skin at various parts of the body where there is an unwanted buildup of fat. The intense cold created does no damage to the skill, but will kill off fat cells. These cells are then naturally flushed out of the body. While not a method for full on weight loss, Coolsculpting is an excellent way to “touch up” different parts of your body where fat stubbornly hangs on.

The applicators are then a key part of this process. However, there isn’t a “one size fits all” for these tools. Naturally, each needs to fit a particular part of the body. But which CoolSculpting Applicator is suitable for which part of the body? Let’s find out!

CoolSculpting applicators best usages

The CoolAdvantageTM

It’s important to note that CoolSculpting technology is proprietary, so we’ll be referring to some specific makes and models during this deconstruction. The most common types of applicators are known under the “Advantage” label. These look somewhat like a vacuum head, with notable “flares” which contour around the human body. These are the real workhorse applicators, able to easily handle larger areas of the body at once.

The basic CoolAdvantageTM   applicator is customizable with a variety of different “heads”, allowing for even greater accuracy in picking the right tool for the job. These include the 

CoolAdvantage: Your basic option, suitable for a wide variety of parts of the body, from the abs to sides. If you want to take the fight to love handles, you’ll probably use this. 

CoolCore: With a wide but shallow grip, the Coolcore is ideal for tackling your belly fat, melting – or rather freezing – it away.

CoolFit: The Coolfit has a much smaller head to it, nearly flat, which makes it the perfect option for targeting the inner thighs. 

Curve+: As the name suggests, the grip on this head is noticeably curved, letting it better grip to your sides or arms. 

The CoolAdvantage PetiteTM

Sometimes the best coolsculpting results are in the details. This smaller applicator is ideal for detail work in areas that are generally hard to reach, or offer a smaller surface area. Think of places like the inner thighs and arms. 

The CoolAdvantage PlusTM

When you think of this applicator, think big. That’s the main difference that this option offers – a heavy duty product. This coolsculpting applicator can cover large areas in a single setting, and is good if you need the removal of belly fat and love handles sped up. With a wider surface area, this coolsculpting applicator can handle teh 

The CoolAdvantage MiniTM

That Petite we mentioned isn’t small enough for you? Then you’ll be happy to know that among the coolsculpting applicator types there is also a mini version that is even smaller than the petite. This means that it can easily help apply coolsculpting to areas even the petite struggled with, such as under the chin, arms or knees. Now no fat is safe from coolsculpting! 

 Learn More!

Coolsculpting is a relatively new technology in the cosmetic scene, and it can be a confusing one to navigate. Not all clinics might stock all applicators, and not all practitioners might approach the process the same way. If you’re curious about CoolSculpting treatment options in Toronto, don’t hesitate to reach out.  

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