The Art of Combination Treatments: Layering Procedures for Enhanced Results

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The Art of Combination Treatments: Layering Procedures for Enhanced Results

Two is usually better than one—two heads, two hands, and two cosmetic procedures. In many cases, you get the most bang for your buck by combining treatments. Combination procedures can reduce overall cost, lessen recovery time, and create more symmetrical results, hence why we recommend it for many patients. In this post we’ll take a look at treatments that we often combine, and why they work so well together. 

Why be interested in layered cosmetic treatments in Toronto?

The term “layering” when it comes to cosmetic treatments doesn’t necessarily refer to just getting two or more treatments. More specifically, layered cosmetic treatments is a term used to refer to customized treatment plans where the multiple procedures being performed are complementary to each other, enhancing the overall result. 

Getting a better looking final result is always a plus in our books. But the kicker is, combination therapy cost is often lower than that of getting each of the procedures done individually. Not only that, but you’re saving time by getting multiple treatments done in one setting, and rolling their recovery times into one “block” as well. It’s no wonder layered cosmetic treatments are becoming so popular in Toronto!

What combination treatments can I get? 

Of course, not every set of combination treatments are going to be equally complementary. Technically, you could try and get any sort of double-treatment performed. But there are some that are just natural fits – the peanut butter-and-jellies of cosmetic treatments, if you will. 

BotoxTM + Dermal Fillers

BotoxTM needs no introduction. This muscle relaxant is the wrinkle-beater of choice for a wide variety of patients, and for a good reason. Many wrinkles are caused by muscle movement and tension, and this muscle relaxant can help smooth those out.

However, what muscle relaxants can’t do is add volume. This is where the dermal filler comes in. Dermal fillers inject a bio-safe liquid that fills out areas of your face, adding more volume. They’re incredibly flexible, suitable for places from your cheeks to your lips. Getting both at the same time allows for a total facial touch up.

Laser Treatments + Topical Agents

There are too many different laser treatments available today to cover each in detail. However, they represent a real breakthrough when it comes to cosmetic technology. Various lasers can target different layers of the skin with different intensity, letting them remove various discolorations and blemishes. Laser treatments can also use heat to help promote healthy collagen growth, leading to firmer, more youthful looking skin. 

Topical agents are also great for overall skin appearances. Combining these two can lead to a truly comprehensive skincare visit, where you’ll leave looking positively glowing! The topical agents can also be a great way to help speed up the quick recovery process after the laser treatment. 

Laser Hair Removal + Coolsculpting

Even if you don’t get these two done at exactly the same time, we’d be remiss in not pointing out that if you’re getting Coolsculpting, it’s a great time to consider what other cosmetic options you might want to go for at the same time.

Coolsculpting is one of the most exciting cosmetic procedures on the market today, an entirely non-surgical method to remove fat. It works by using cold temperatures to kill fat cells below the skin, which your body then naturally flushes. Coolsculpting is best used as a “touch up” method, removing stubborn fat in particular areas like the chin, the arms and legs, or those ever-dreaded love handles. 

Chemical Peels + Microdermabrasion

Speaking of skincare, sometimes the best thing can be some nice thorough exfoliation. This is the process by which old, dead layers of skin are removed, allowing room for the new refreshed cells to grow, giving you brighter looking skin. 

Exfoliation can be done through either chemical or physical means. But you can get both done at the same time, maximizing the effects of both treatments. 

Learn more about combination treatments

Want to know more about layered cosmetic treatments in Toronto? Want to know which of the above we offer at PSSC? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to take your questions and provide answers! 

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