How Chin Botox Can Stop You From Looking Like a Neck Meme

A view of a woman's chin. The woman has black curly hair and is wearing a pink shirt.

How Chin Botox Can Stop You From Looking Like a Neck Meme

It’s never kind to laugh at other people’s appearances. But if recent memes tell us anything, it’s that double (or more!) chins are just inherently funny. You can find whole jokebooks full of wisecracks on the matter. Thankfully, a lot of these memes are deliberately joking around by the participants. There’s just something about weird necks that makes the internet chuckle, we guess. 

But if all these neck memes are making you a little self conscious about how your own chin looks, don’t worry – you’re not alone. BotoxTM has long been known as a way to help cut back on wrinkles. But is BotoxTM for the chin worth it too? 

An introduction to BotoxTM 

Most people are now generally familiar with the concept of BotoxTM. The word is a brand name referring to botulism toxin (specifically onabotulinum toxin A, if you care). Don’t let that name scare you – BotoxTM is perfectly safe, despite that toxin word in there. The amount of BotoxTM being injected is too small to be dangerous, and can’t affect other parts of your body.

BotoxTM works by blocking the signals from nerves to muscles in the area it is injected, serving as a muscle relaxant. As the muscles below your face relax, your skin naturally starts to smooth out, and wrinkles and fine lines become much less noticeable. 

 BotoxTM for the Chin 

It’s a misconception that it’s simply the amount of fat you have that determines exactly how your chin and the neck under it look. It’s also determined by the angle you hold your head, with more lines and “chins” appearing if you tuck your chin down into your neck. It’s also a question of how many wrinkles and lines you have. The more lines you have in your face, the more intense that “multi-chin” problem emerges. 

You can see where this is going now. BotoxTM for the chin can help smooth out those wrinkles and lines, meaning that they’re much less likely to give you the appearance of having a wide array of chins whenever you make the slightest inclination of your head. The injections can also make the entire area of the chin and neck look firmer and more youthful. So not only do you no longer resemble a meme photo, but you look younger as well! 

How BotoxTM for the chin works 

One reason why BotoxTM is so popular is because of the convenience. It’s entirely non-surgical, unlike other cosmetic options. So the process of getting BotoxTM for your chin is a pretty straightforward one. After a consultation, your appointment can be made. There is a quick cleaning and preparation, and then the injection is made. The needle is so fine that there’s no real need for anesthesia. The whole process only takes a few minutes! 

BotoxTM for chin recovery 

Furthermore, the recovery period for BotoxTM for the chin is pretty minor as well. You can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure, though you should avoid any strenuous activity for a few hours after the procedure – and do your best to avoid touching or laying on the injection site. 

There may be some minor bruising and swelling, but this should be all gone by the time the week is up. BotoxTM for the chin isn’t permanent of course. It’s a quick and safe procedure, but if you want lasting results, you will likely need to have it reapplied every few months or so. 

 Think that chin BotoxTM could be your ticket to selfies that are more fabulous than funny? Contact us at PSSC today! We’re always happy to answer questions. 

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