Debunking Chemical Peel Myths

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Debunking Chemical Peel Myths

Debunking Chemical Peel Myths & Misconceptions

Chemical peels are a great way to promote facial skin health and appearance, as well as for treating common skin problems like wrinkles, discolouration, and scarring. 

While the benefits of chemical peels are well known, they are also tied in with a lot of misunderstandings and misinformation. Today, we’re debunking some of the most common chemical peel myths and misconceptions.

Myth 1 – Are Chemical Peels Safe for Dry Skin

One of the most common myths about chemical peels is that they are not appropriate for dry skin. 

In reality, dry skin actually benefits even more from chemical peels. The peel removes the dry outer layer, helping to restore the moisture barrier.

Any skin type can benefit from the right chemical peel type and concentration. Consult with your cosmetic skin clinic or med spa. They can help you pick the perfect peel for your skin.

Myth 2 – Can People With Sensitive Skin Get Peels?

If you have sensitive skin you don’t have to settle for lesser options. 

Different types of peels are designed for different sensitivities. For example, even people with rosacea can get a chemical peel!

If you do have sensitive skin, however, you do have to be more careful about which peels you use. It is best to go to a medical spa to choose and apply the right peel for your skin.

Myth 3 – Chemical Peels Cause Extreme Redness

It’s a sitcom trope. A character comes out from a chemical peel with severe redness, irritation, and skin peeling. It’s intended for a quick laugh, but it’s far from the reality of modern chemical peels.

A peel targets the top layer of dead skin, which won’t necessarily cause the skin to peel. 

Modern chemical peels are actually designed to minimize both peeling and recovery. This is especially true for a clinic-provided peel. When getting a chemical peel at a skin clinic, severe irritation and discomfort are not an issue. It is, however, possible to experience mild redness and irritation.

Myth 4 – At-Home Kits are the Same as a Skin Clinic Peel

Skin type and cosmetic goals determine which type of peel is best for you. 

There are three main categories of chemical peel:

  1. Superficial
  2. Medium
  3. Deep

When you buy an over-the-counter skin peel kit at the pharmacy, you only have access to superficial peels. These are the mildest type, meant to simply exfoliate and refresh your skin. It can have positive effects, but they are for more limited in their capabilities than medium or deep peels. Deep peels can remove damaged cells and offer dramatic changes.

As well, at-home kits are not customized to your specific skin or needs. At a clinic, the skincare specialist chooses chemicals and concentrations customized to your exact needs and goals. 

This means better results that you can be confident in.

Myth 5 – A Chemical Peel Is Just for Problem Skin?

A popular misconception is that peels are only intended for problematic skin. In truth, even the healthiest skin can benefit from skin peels. 

While they do have benefits for problem skin, they are an excellent proactive measure to restore healthy skin and prevent signs of ageing.

For proactive skincare and use on healthy skin, mild strength chemical peels are more common. These help to maintain skin health, moisture and appearance.

Newmarket & Richmond Hill Chemical Peel Skin Clinic

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