Can Botox Stop Excessive Sweating?

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Can Botox Stop Excessive Sweating?

From excessive perspiration to hyperhidrosis, sweat can be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and downright embarrassing.

When you’ve tried all the antiperspirants and home remedies out there, it can feel like there is no choice but surgery to improve your quality of life and treat Hyperhidrosis. However, there are other options than surgery or over the counter medications. In recent years, using botox to stop excess sweating has become a popular technique. It provides more significant intervention and results than medical-strength antiperspirants with a non-invasive procedure.

How Does it Work?

This excessive sweating skin treatment works by injecting a muscle relaxer into the area where you suffer excessive sweating. A typical example of this is injecting Botox into the armpit. Unlike traditional uses of muscle relaxers, reducing wrinkles and frown lines, this treatment prevents sweating.

The botulinum toxin, which cosmetic and plastic surgeons use to restrict muscle contractions, can also block nerve signals that cause sweat. As a result, sweat glands produce less sweat, leading to a dryer, happier you.

Using botox to stop excessive sweating is used to target specific areas rather than the entire body.

How Long Does Botox Take to Work? How Long Botox Last?

The procedure takes up to one week to see Botox’s effects, depending on the type of facial muscle relaxer used. For example, Dysport injections can take effect in as little as two days. The full effect can take up to two weeks to take full effect. The injection usually reduces sweating for four to six months.

The type of muscle relaxer also affects how long the effects last. In some instances, the procedure keeps sweat at bay for up to 14 months at the injection site. Once it wears off, and if you were happy with the results, you can choose to have the cosmetic procedure done again.

Where Can You Get the Botox Injection?

Muscle relaxers for sweating are best suited to those who have hyperhidrosis in target areas. Attempting to apply this technique to the whole body would be impractical and even show dangerous side effects. Some sweating is necessary to regulate body temperature. As well, this approach is more effective in some places than others.

The best parts of the body to get botox for hyperhidrosis treatment include:

  • Palms (Palmar Hyperhidrosis)
  • Underarms (Axillary Hyperhidrosis)
  • Feet (Plantar Hyperhidrosis)

Although this technique works on other areas of the body, it works best on these three. Fortunately, these are the most common types of hyperhidrosis.

Does it Hurt? 

For most people, using botox to stop excessive sweating causes no discomfort. You can overcome the discomfort reasonably quickly. The feeling is easy to get used to and is more comfortable than severe perspiration.

The injection itself, however, can cause some pain, especially when treating palmoplantar hyperhidrosis. There are more nerve endings on the hands and feet. However, any discomfort experienced is brief and is no worse than a typical needle.

Muscle Relaxer Treatments

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