Can You Find Confidence at a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic? 

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Can You Find Confidence at a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic? 

There is an unfortunate stereotype around those interested in cosmetic procedures – that such interest is purely shallow, and motivated only by a desire to “look better” than one’s peers. In reality, the reasons that people go looking for a cosmetic surgery clinic are incredibly varied, and more than just skin deep. 

Yes, cosmetic procedures are all about changing the surface level appearance, removing blemishes and concealing imperfections. But the actual impact of these procedures can be much more meaningful than just a minor change in appearance. 

It’s not discussed much, but cosmetic procedures can have as much effect on the mood and mind as they do on the body. In this piece, we’ll talk about some of the deeper pyschological benefits of visiting a cosmetic surgery clinic.

#1 Control

If you said that you were looking for a cosmetic surgery clinic to change your appearance “just because you can” would you consider yourself flippant? Or is it more a matter of taking control? For most people, maintaining some kind of control and stability in their life is crucial for happiness. Building a sense of control can involve some of the major aspects of our life – succeeding in the career that we want, living where we want, and so forth. 

But you can build a stabilizing sense of control through small ways too. Getting to be the boss of how you look is just one of these methods. Even relatively quick and easy cosmetic procedures, like CoolSculpting or a Micro Laser Peel can let you make noticeable changes in your appearance. More importantly, the fact you can make these changes means you can stress less about things like unwanted fat or bothersome skin blemishes. You have control.  

#2 Confidence

It’s obvious that the things that can provide us the greatest confidence come from the inside – our values, knowledge, skills and character. However, if there is an issue that you’d like to change about your appearance, it can be irritating to constantly be worrying about it during the day. However, we’re only human and constantly worrying about a body hang-up can undermine your confidence. 

You have to hope that it’s not too distracting for you – and not too distracting for others. How much of a concern this is often depends on your line of work. If you’re on Zoom calls looking at your own camera screen, then constantly seeing an imperfection can slowly chip away at your confidence.

If it’s an issue that a cosmetic procedure can resolve, such as noticeable wrinkles, then you have the chance to simply forget about it. And sometimes, forgetting can be the most powerful path to confidence. Once you’re certain that you’ve left all distractions behind, then you can get right back to focusing on your work. This, in turn, helps build up more confidence, creating a positive cycle. 

#3 Quality of Life

For some people, a distracting feature simply undermines their confidence at work. For others, this can be a more severe impediment on their wellbeing. If you have a cosmetic issue that is causing you significant amounts of embarrassment, you might start to subtly (or not so subtly) isolate yourself. 

Perhaps there are activities like clubs or groups that you are too shy to join because of concerns over your appearances. Perhaps you don’t go out as often as you’d like for nights on the town, or even feel like you’re being held back from meeting people. Even if you think that this is silly, it’s a very real concern. 

Studies have shown, for example, that acne or other skin conditions can take a significant emotional toll and a decreased quality of life. Naturally, cosmetic procedures that can lessen the impact and appearance of acne, such as Fractora or BBL, could significantly improve the quality of one’s life. Imagine what you would do if you no longer had to worry about something like acne. 

At PSSC, we connect you with the most skilled practitioners who can make your aesthetics goals a reality. Our very own Dr. Richard Rival and Victoria Hayward are experts at delivering cosmetic solutions that work best for our clients. If you’d like to get in touch to find out what our cosmetic surgeons in Newmarket can do for you, don’t hesitate – contact us today

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