BBL Treatment for Anti Aging

BBL Laser treatments can help remove sun spots on skin and other signs of aging.

BBL Treatment for Anti Aging

After the busy holiday season, I’m sure many of us were gifted with all kinds of body lotions, anti-aging creams, and oils. However, if you are looking for a longer-lasting treatment to add to your anti-aging skincare routine, you might need to gift yourself some BBL Treatments. At Plastic Surgery Skin Clinic, we help clients age beautifully and naturally. Our BBL Forever Young® corrects for skin texture, tone, fine lines, and even pore size with no downtime. 

What is BBL Treatment?

BBL treatment (Broadband Light Treatment) is one of the most effective anti-aging facial treatments out there and a key part of the offerings of any good anti-aging clinic. Best of all, it’s an entirely non-invasive procedure. But how is that possible?

BBL Treatment works by applying light in a broad spectrum to an area of the skin affected by discoloration – be that redness from acne or brown spots from aging. The light and heat are absorbed by the darker pigments and hemoglobin that cause these kinds of discoloration, which are then eliminated.

As a bonus, the heat from the light energy also helps promote the production of collagen, the substance that is key to providing structure to the face. So not only will BBL Treatment help you remove things like sunspots on your skin, but it can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. This one-two punch is what makes BBL Treatments among the most effective anti-aging facial treatments out there. 

What is BBL Treatment Helpful For?

One of the most popular usages for BBL treatment is to help correct age spots, also known as sunspots. These are the discolorations that occur due to sun damage to the skin over a lifetime. These discolorations are one of the most striking examples of aging, particularly when in very visible places such as the hands or face. 

What we think of as youthful is uniform in its color and texture. By correcting the disparity in color caused by sunspots, BBL treatment can revert the skin to a more youthful appearance. 

As you can imagine, there are tons of potential reasons to opt for BBL Treatment.  No matter where the signs of aging show up, BBL treatments can be used to help combat them.

BBL treatment is perfect for eliminating sun spots on faces, arm, neck and many other places on your skin. Not only will the treatment eliminate any discoloration and let your natural skin tone shine through, the collagen-boosting powers of BBL treatment are also another added benefit.

BBL gently uses heat on the surface layers of your skin. The heatwaves are absorbed by lower layers of your skin where hyperpigmentation originates. BBL Treatment therefore stimulates collagen and other proteins responsible for skin elasticity.

Is BBL Forever Young® Right For Me?

At PSSC, we offer a few BBL treatments. One of the most effective anti-aging facial treatments we have, in fact, is the BBL Forever Young®. The Forever Young treatment is our BBL treatment that has been specifically tuned to give the maximum anti-aging results through a combination of color correction of aging and sun spots on skin, and of promoting collagen production. By getting regular BBL Forever Young® treatments, you can maintain a radiant appearance for years to come and protect your skin from the worst of sun damage and aging. 

Best of all, this BBL Treatment is an incredibly easy and convenient cosmetic procedure. Each treatment session can generally be completed in less than an hour and will require little in the way of downtime. You will only need three or so sessions a year to start. However, if you choose to continue with the BBL Forever Young® treatments, the results will eventually start to compound, and you will only need one or two treatments a year. 

So if you’re looking for the most effective anti-aging facial treatment, then look no further than BBL. If you’re interested in learning more, or want to book your consultation for treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us. This year, give yourself the gift of beautiful skin! 

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