Operational Options For Acne Treatment

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Operational Options For Acne Treatment

Acne treatment and care is a big concern and focus for many people. It is also a large business that is heavily marketed in a saturated form. Go into any drug store and you’ll see a variety of products targeting this common skin condition, from creams to wipes and more. However, active acne or scaring wouldn’t be such a popular product to sell if it was in fact that easy to get rid of through a drugstore cream. For many people, their solution to their acne problems isn’t going to be found in any grocery store and will in fact require professional help and treatment.

However, understanding the more permanent solutions to acne can be somewhat confusing, given the number of options out there. Many skin rejuvenating treatments will also target acne along with reducing the signs of aging and even sun damage. This blog will help explain all the various acne treatment terms you might have heard, and help you determine which is right for you to treat areas for your skin type. 

BBL Laser Treatment for Acne

BBL Laser treatment (Broadband Light BBL) – is one of the most cutting-edge applications of dermatology out there. BBL laser treatment involves the use of intense light to target various skin conditions. The intensity and type of energy used will have different effects, making this a very flexible technology!

While BBL is best known for helping attack damage due to the sun and aging, it can also be used to combat acne. It does this in two distinct stages, treating both cause and symptoms. Like other BBL treatments, the areas of the skin damaged by acne are targeted on the surface to restore them.

Blue light and heat will also penetrate the skin to sterilize the area below, killing off the bacteria that cause acne in the first place. This process will also stimulate collagen growth, smoothing out the skin and leaving it looking fresh and healthy.

BBL Laser Treatment sessions normally last only about 30 minutes, and have no downtime – after you’re done, you can go about your day! They do, however, require multiple treatments to get the best effect. Thankfully, with the short sessions and lack of downtime, they can easily be squeezed into a few lunch breaks. 

Photodynamic Treatment for Acne

Photodynamic treatment for acne is very similar to the BBL laser treatment used above – in fact, the same BBL Laser technology will be used. The difference is that it also combines the use of topical skin medication.

Photodynamic Treatment can be used to target damaged skin cells to prevent skin cancer, and it is equally powerful in combating acne. Not only do you get the same clearing of skin and killing of bacteria as in regular BBL treatment, but you also get a deep cleaning of your pores and a reduction of the enlarged pores that make you more acne-prone.

While more powerful than regular BBL treatment, photodynamic treatment does require more downtime, of about 5 days. However, it also only takes about a couple of sessions to gain full effectiveness.  

Halo for Acne Scars

The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser is another kind of laser treatment for skin conditions. What makes it so potent is the fact that it combines two different wavelengths of light. This means that a single Halo for acne scars treatment is like getting two or three laser treatments at once!

Because it can be specifically targeted, the length of Halo for acne scar treatments varies significantly, as does the downtime – make sure to consult your specialist at your cosmetic clinic  for recommendations on how much is appropriate for your specific acne issues. 

Fractora Treatment for Acne 

Fractora is one of the hottest new cosmetic treatments out there. The process of Fractora involves the use of pins to transfer heat through radiofrequency to the areas below the skin. Originally the idea behind this was to promote collagen growth – this would further smooth out wrinkles and blemishes on the skin.

However, Fractora for acne is an increasingly popular and effective usage of this treatment. The promotion of collagen makes fractora for acne scars very effective. And the heating of the subdermal layers is one of the best ways to kill off acne-producing bacteria. 

Fractora is also an incredibly flexible procedure, with its scope easily tailorable to your specific needs. This means a fractora treatment can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what you need – and its downtime can range from 1 to 2 days. 

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