Facial Rejuvenation Plans


Facial aging is a multifactorial process.  It has to do as much with aging of our skin as it does with inevitable loss of volume (fat and bone stock) from the face.  Both contribute to deflation, laxity, and wrinkles.  As well, the small muscle groups around the eyes and forehead can create deep furrows and lines that no eye cream will touch.

It follows logically that our approach towards facial rejuvenation should be multi-modality.   No one laser treatment or topical is going to address all of your aging concerns.  I believe in making small incremental multi-modality interventions that work synergistically to create very natural, subtle but significant improvements in your appearance – so that you never look done.

Many of our customized rejuvenation packages include some combination of :

  1. Skin rejuvenation treatments: Good news is that most of the skin changes we attribute to aging are, in fact, very much reversible and preventable.  Topical cosmeceuticals, medical grade chemical peels and light and laser-based treatments are but a few of the services we offer to rid your skin of spots, roughening, broken blood vessels and wrinkles that can age you.  Our goal is to reverse the effects of sun damage and to restore your skin to its healthy and most beautiful self.
  2. Restoration of volume to the face: This has less to do with augmentation than restoring volume to regions of the face that have become depleted. Depletion of volume means that the skin lacks support and therefore it deflates and descends contributing to laxity, deep folds, and wrinkles.  Again no amount of night cream is going to address these changes.  I use a wide variety of fillers from the Juvederm®, Restylane®, Teosyal® and Sculptra® families to address volume depletion.  I work closely with you to determine the best choices of fillers for you.
  3. Selective relaxation of overworked muscle groups with neuromodulators. I use Botox® and Dysport® to subtly erase the deep furrows and lines around your eyes and forehead.  Other regions of the face and neck can also be treated and will be tailored to your needs.

I do all of the injecting of fillers and neuromodulators.  I do this to ensure your safety but also to create a harmonized, natural and refreshed appearance for you that is subtle.

I work very closely with my highly trained and qualified staff to both design and coordinate a comprehensive treatment regimen that is tailored to your aesthetic needs.  By combining services you will achieve a more natural, harmonized look that will be age appropriate.  As well, by bundling services we can also offer 10-20% savings for you.