Coolsculpting For Men – Popular Options

Get coolsculpting for men and enjoy the hot months again.

Coolsculpting For Men – Popular Options

Too often, coolsculpting is advertised as a treatment designed specifically for women. In particular, there’s a heavy focus on showing what it can do for a woman’s stomach, arms and legs. Maybe it’s just how we culturally approach these things, but there’s much less attention given to how men can benefit from coolsculpting and in-fact how popular it is for all genders.

Perhaps there is a perception that men can and should simply “work out” to get a body shape that they are happy with.  However, coolsculpting shouldn’t be thought of as a weight-loss treatment, solution, or therapy. In no way is it designed to replace eating healthy and working out. Rather, it’s a way to help give extra definition to areas that often have stubborn and unsightly fat reserves. These treatments, often referred to as “fat freezing” is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure to help target specific areas of your body and that naturally eliminates fat cells in both men and women. 

This blog will cover some of the most popular coolsculpting for men treatments available, based on the interest we’ve seen in this treatment in Toronto at our clinic here at PSSC. Remember if you’re interested in coolsculpting costs or questions, make sure to contact us to book a consultation today. 

What is Coolsculpting? 

Coolsculpting is an FDA approved cosmetic treatment by which certain areas of excess fat on the body are subjected to freezing temperatures to eliminate fat cells. This kills the fat cells in that area of the body – over time, the body will process out the dead cells, and the area will smooth out and tighten up. It’s not a process of weight loss on its own, but it’s great for selectively targeting problem areas. For cool sculpting for men, the following are some of the most popular areas to target. 

Coolsculpting is popular even in the fitness industry as a way to touch up for photoshoots. Because it’s long-lasting, but with low downtime, it’s accessible for anyone looking for a touch-up on their appearance. 

Coolsculpting for Male Breasts

Male’s chest area is one of the most requested areas for a coolsculpting touch up. Male breasts are often a source of private embarrassment, especially if they remain after weight loss elsewhere. For many, they can ruin situations that should be enjoyable such as beach outings. A little coolsculpting can go a long way to helping touch up this area. This non surgical treatment can also shape the chest area for a more balanced and enhanced appearance and no down time required. 

Double Chins

The double chin is associated with being overweight in our popular consciousness, but this isn’t a fair equation. Some people just naturally develop more fat in the neck area. Coolsculpting for men can give a better definition to this area.

Belly Fat

Sometimes despite weight loss, there still remains pronounced belly fat – some men just have this body type! There can also be concerns over belly fat on the sides that create the dreaded “love handle” effect. Coolsculpting can help trim down these areas for a slimmer and more toned appearance.

Coolsculpting Side Effects and Considerations 

As mentioned earlier, coolsculpting is a quick procedure with no downtime – it’s totally noninvasive. Generally, the procedure takes an hour or so, depending on how much coolsculpting you want to have in a single session and to what target areas.  If you have considered liposuction, but don’t want something so invasive, this can be a great way to get rid of unwanted fat.

Coolsculpting side effects are also fairly minor compared to other procedures. Common side effects include some minor aching or stinging at the location. There may also be some bruising and swelling at the location as well. These effects only last as long as it takes for the dead fat cells to pass out of the body – generally only a few weeks or so. These side effects are mostly just a response to the cold temperatures – but don’t worry, the idea that coolsculpting can give you frostbite is just a myth! 

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