BBL Forever Bare


Our BBL based laser hair removal system is safe and effective for all skin types and for skin of colour. It is a wonderful way to remove unwanted hair growth on the face and body. We understand that facial hair can have profound psychological effects if that hair is not wanted! Burns, hyperpigmentation and scars can result with many hair removal modalities offered at walk in “spas”.

Our BBL uses light beams that are focally absorbed by the growing hair follicle leading to its deliberate destruction. Because hair follicles must be active to absorb the light not all of the hair follicles can be ablated at the same time. Instead, a series of 4-6 sessions will be required to get the best aesthetic long term results. Occasional touch-ups may be required if small fine hairs grow back over time.

These treatments are easy to tolerate with no downtime. You may have slight, transient redness or swelling after treatment.